5 people you would like to see in Big Boss Season 9

September 03, 2015 4 Comments

You may find it silly, over the top bitchy and a complete nonsense, but still you cannot ignore Big Boss, no matter how rigged you may found it.

After doing the Halla Bol in season 8, Big Boss is back with Season 9. Coming Back to TV screens soon, Big Boss Season 9 is generating all the necessary interests and eyeballs like never before. With speculations rife about Bollywood Actor Salman Khan hosting this season to guessing the new inmates, Big Boss is in news, [again] for all the right reason. And yes, if sources to be believed, our favorite host will be doing this season again.

While a lot of contestants like ex Housing CEO Rahul Yadav, Shweta Prasad and Rashmi Desai have confirmed their participation, there's lot of guesswork that is going around the "soon to be revealed" contestants, here's sharing a lost of Top 5 contestant that a lot of us would love to watch in Big Boss Season 9-

1) Arvind Kejriwal - This political motor mouth who loves to give Dharna at every given notion and loves to call all corrupt, will make a great contestant at BB house. Given his tongue in cheek replies, muffler man antics and calling everyone a culprit, he will make a great contestant who may give Big Boss some sleepless nights and surge in TRPs.

2) Indrani Mukherjea - Her name needs no introduction anymore. The newsmaker who grabbed all possible news line in last 2 weeks for allegedly murdering her daughter from first marriage, who was seeing the son of her 3rd husband from his first marriage, with help from her second husband, is stuff that high voltage, spicy, TRP attracting dramas are made of. I am sure Big Boss will spend the entire season about finding her relationship tree, while laughing away to the bank. She could probably become a source of inspiration for women who are unable to find a husband for self or learning the art of changing husbands, with better [read richer] at every change.

3) Hamza Abbasi- If you watch tv and do not know who Hamza Abbasi is, you must be kidding me. Hamza is the actor who played lead role in Zindagi superhit, recently concluded and highly popular drama- Pyare Afzal. It is not just Hamza but if you pick any character from that serial, they will sure to garner good eye-balls and entrust interest in the season 9. Oh he did a remarkable job and have become the national favorite over his Pakistani counterpart - Fawad khan, who incidentally was female heart-throb wherein Hamza had received huge appreciations from different TGs alike.

4) Radhe Ma- God woman or "Goud woman", Radhey Ma has become a popular household name post the recent controversy which started with her wearing Red skirt? Err no may be allegations from ex-devotees including Dolly Bindra or the dowry case filed by one of the disciples. The source is irrelevant, but the matter is important. If not for anything else, at least for spiritual well-being of the locked in-mates, Radhey ma would be one ideal contestant. With her Trident off course. 

5) Caitlyn Jenner- Or Bruce Jenner would make for an interesting contestant in the "firang mate" entry. Jenner who broke the Internet with her sex change act, may also fit the bill of trans-gender candidate in the show. As might well, a consolation for Kim Kardashian who could not make in last season?

Source: Vanity Fair

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  1. Heh heh! Too funny. It would indeed be worth watching. The fireworks will be awesome! :D

  2. I don't like watching reality TV, but love reading humor on it. Hilarious read, Ekta.

    1. I agree as all these reality TV shows are fixed and manipulated. I am so glad that you liked my post. Stay tuned Saru, I hope the season is good and I can write more :)


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