30 September 2015

Gen Transferkers with Tata Sky

Life is a Television daily soap. Unfortunately you cannot change the channels or have a commercial break without not losing the plot.

Losing the plot? Well no one like to lose plot even if a family drama turns into suspense thriller or saga of " kaun banega 5th pati".

Nothing touches our lives more than television and we so much love its sense and nonsense-iblities that we are hooked to it.

And so is our family with their divergent taste and read carefully their diverse television viewing needs.


 So if your home,  looks like a warfront like mine, during prime time, read this on...

How television sets us together and set us apart

Every morning, my daddy wants to watch market news followed by his list of serials from Gotham to The Mentalist, till the noon when Tanhai telecast on Zindagi TV. His love for Jia in the series supercedes the one for daughter, who wants to watch Dr Adil, when her father is watching "Person of Interest". Another interesting person is her brother who can watched movies anytime.

Result? Entertainment War at home front.

Damn all Goosy serials have to come in same slot. Including taking commercial break at same time. Yes you can record but how long can you watch? You need something more than recorder and that is Tata Sky Transfer

To know more about Tata Sky Transfer, check their website.


  1. Happens in every family. This happened when my daughter was in 3rd grade. At that time we had only one television. On Sunday mornings (8 to 9 am) I always watched “This Week with David Brinkley”. That particular time slot was my daughter’s favorite cartoon show. I always refused to give her the remote control.

    One day, her teacher as the class to write a paper on their favorite television program. My daughter wrote the paper. Her paper’s title ‘Why I hate This Week with David Brinkley”. She received an A Plus.

  2. Ah, it is a domestic affair :P well written, Ekta! :)
    ​​A Rat's Nibble : #TATASkyTransfer


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