The Woman Who Wanted to Feel Beautiful

October 27, 2016 , 3 Comments

She thought to bring some colours
in her otherwise vapid life.
and stepped down to adjoining plaza
and booked herself an appointment

After two hours of an in-salon session,
rapid discussion on styling arrangement.
she finally got her hair done
in a mahogany and purple plum

She fixed the volume with hair mousse 
and left them loose.
in their bouncy stance.
happy about this new transformation
she sang her way back to home.

cooked the meals
cleaned the house.
set an environment for her spouse
and waited impatiently for his return.

He came with a sullen head
tired and dropped dead
on the adjoining sofa 
where she was seated

she smiled at him and greeted.
It seems he did notice
and looked at her with sarcastic malice
and mocked her "hippy" tresses

she rose to the kitchen
hiding her tears behind slicing the onions
cursing the moment she decided to dress
took a band and tailed her mess.

Her bubble was broken
she cursed her decision
and wonder why she can't be
as good looking as other women.


The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. he was a jerk and unworthy of her

  2. Very intense. Lovely narration.

  3. "took a band and tailed her mess" - what a great, descriptive line!


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