Beware The Pity

December 29, 2016 , 5 Comments

Dappled with an injury?
brindled with pain?
or an unwanted grief
freckling you insane?

Do not let,
the discriminations to daunt.
ostracism is filthy
face it with stout.

Beware the pity
ward off unsolicited sympathy
Elaborate your merits
learn to empathise.

 no matter how warm
a sheep is,
it will always walk in the crowd.
Beware the herd,
come out of the protective layer.
Walk on your own,
even if you fumble.

It takes a lion to rule the jungle


I have written this poem to inspire people to ward off the limitation their life or disabilities may pose on them. You need to fight the pity, rise above ostracism and prove your disabilities are nothing but a freckle of a limited perspective.

The crowd may not walk with you but you have a chance to stand out. Remember while unity is important, living life on your capabilities builds strength and provide room for synergies. Beware the pity and brave your life with its challenges.


This poem is an original piece of work. Kindly refrain from using/ reproduction/ representation without my permission


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  1. The King of the Jungle. I seems lyin' get you there.

  2. I like the way you have drawn inspiration from the animal kingdom!

  3. Empowering thoughts, to emerge from our protective layers and engage life.

  4. We need the confidence to trust ourselves...

  5. The lion is a good emblem for the fierce independence you write about.


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