The Hangover

February 05, 2017 3 Comments

She loved the tangy flavour,
that instant kick
 the alcohol embed in her
throwing cautions to the wind,
she drank unhinged,
uninhibited, upswing, bottoms up.
perfectly floating in ataraxia.
It was a perfect escapade!

The Juggernaut woke her up
vapid next morning
with a severe headache
and a fulminate hangover.
Girl! Such a short-lived fun.


 I have written this 55-word poem for Real Toads' Flash 55 plus Challenge and For Three Words Wednesday [Tangy, Vapid, Unhinged].

It was a quick write up and fun. Hope you like reading it too!

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Such fun is short-lived. Yours is a thought-provoking response to the prompt.

  2. This was such a delightful read :) fabulous 55!

  3. I used to resemble this :)


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