Do Not Bully

June 13, 2017 9 Comments

You do not like the stroke of my spoolie
ah! well that's no reason to turn unruly

I know you speak harshly
only to send that message.
loud and clear,
as bitter as it can get

That may be the way
of how you express

hey hold that emotion
do not offend
avoid that threat.

Tell it politely
and I will follow it duly
But get no offensive,
mean or silly

communication is a two-way street
speak cohesive and clear
time to get objective
oh dear,


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  1. Anonymous13 June

    Bullying is so rampant in every sphere of life. It goes beyond traditional forms of it prevalent in school. How tedious and grievous it is that certain people like to demean others in such a manner.
    If only they would heed your message.


  2. It's one of the major issues that society need to deal with. There are uncouth educated people all over and sometimes I just ignore such illiterati:)

  3. "hey hold that emotion
    do not offend"

    my favourite lines

    much love...

  4. Too many bullies on this planet. Not just in school yards either.

  5. Bullying can never be ok.

  6. Right-on message. Charlie Brown really was bullied a lot, wasn't he? No wonder he was so depressed.

  7. I can resonate strongly with this being a victim of bullying myself. Powerfully written.

  8. If only bullying could be dropped - poor Charley Brown


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