RuPay Your Way To Big Bazaar

April 18, 2018 , 0 Comments

Question: What Happens When RuPay Meets Big Bazaar?

Answer: You Get 10% additional discount on Your Shopping!

Getting a 10% additional discount on your Shopping Cart
Who doesn't love shopping, and given the wide variety of merchandise available in the supermarkets, your heart always wants to have more. Like adding that imported block of cheese, buying new ear pods for your phone or adding some clothing accessories to complete your fashion needs. 

Often we curb our shopping lists, due to limited budgets, not carrying enough cash for that extra purchase or not having enough balance on our mobile wallets. Well, leave all your cashless worries to RuPay and its brand new advantage for its users. 

Get 10% additional discount with RuPay
Yes, RuPay, the first of its kind domestic Debit and Credit Card network of India, has introduced a new benefit for all Big Bazaar Shoppers out there.

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