102 Not Out : Five Reasons You Need to Watch This Movie

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"102 Not Out is an engaging, entertaining and heartfelt movie. The film is what Indian Cinema should be, well scripted and well executed" 

Two elderly men, living a woman-less life at Mumbai suburban will teach you the art of living easier than any other class can teach in a 2 and a half hour duration. Well, that is how I would sum up this Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor and HMV Caravan starrer comic drama.

The movie starts on a great note, carefully and smartly introducing the characters alongside the cityscape. 

I loved the art, the caricature and all things including the Saregama Caravan [that I have been planning to buy for my mom since the launch] playing one of my all time fav- Mere ghar aana zindagi. 

102 not out is not a boring but a well entertaining film that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. It has its own shades of grey like a "black and white" opportunist son but then those spots are very feeble in front of this heart touching story.

My review can go on and on but as promised, here are my top 5 reasons as to why you need to watch this film if you have not already.

5 Reasons You Should Not Miss "102 Not Out"

1) The Story: It is a story of a centenarian father [A Bachchan] and his 70+year-old son [R Kapoor], staying at their posh yet lonely house in Vile Parle with a good company of a local chemist boy, playing their Man-Friday. The father in a bid to outperform the record of the longest alive man plans to stay away from all thing dull, boring and negative including his 70 plus-years old son. 

The unique concept of a father sending his son to an "old age home" is quite interesting and you can see the eyeballs it raised amongst the cine-goers. A very relevant plot- old age battling the empty nest syndrome, a son so driven by his own needs that he fails to see the loneliness and exclusion of the hands that raised him.

2) Wonderful Acting: To think of it, the film has just 3 main characters and all 3 of them have done a marvelous job. The actors whether it is Mr. Bachchan's Dattatray or Rishi Kapoor's Babulal or Jimit's Dheeru, they look their characters and plays it well too. 

Amitabh Bachchan is a universally accepted legend. But Rishi Kapoor in this movie, in his Ducky act is a delight to watch. watch his varied expression from the shower and the moment when he is being sent to an old-age home by his father. 

3) Soulful Music: The film has few but relevant songs including one of my old favorite- Mere Ghar aana zindagi [Bhupinder Singh- Dooriyan] and the zesty- bachche ki jaan loge kya. The song does not break the flow of the movie and acts as a good prop

4) Entertaining Engagement rather than Dull Preaching: I liked the fun touch of the film. The story is the hero and the execution is engaging and not depressing. While the plot was obvious from the beginning, I did not feel any dull moment during the film no matter what few critics say.

One of my fav scenes from the movie is when Dattatray asks Babulal to cut ducks out of his favorite Kashmiri shawl. Watch the film to know more. 

5) The Message: the movie shares an unmissable message, the importance of self -sufficiency, the importance of being happy. The treatment is meaningful and inexpensive. I love the conditions that the father throws at his son- the simple yet meaningful terms that need not be expensive or thrifting.

It is also an important message that needs to be given to the children who in the throe of their ambition or personal preferences, chase their parents away only for material means. It is for all of us including our aging parents who need to outgrow their blind love towards their children and give their life a fresh lease and joy.

Numerounity Verdict: My suggestion, do not go with senseless criticism that you may read about the actors or script. They are like an unnecessary regression to color your engagement and pulling you back from a heartfelt engagement. Films like 102 Not Out need not be criticized but welcome with open hands and an open mind. A good job is done- the writers [including the original] and Umesh Shukla. We look forward to your next stint.

102 not out is what cinema should be- engaging, entertaining and heart touching. 

Numerounity Rating: For the subject, the light heartfelt treatment, I give this movie a straight 4.5 star out of 5. 

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