Dream Girl Film Review Starring Ayushmann Khurana.

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Once Upon a telephonic time of late 2019, there was a young graduate in Mathura who will impersonate legendary mythological characters like Sita and Radha in cultural plays. He was gifted with an ability to speak both in male as well as a female voice.

Every morning when he wakes up and goes out of his house, he would be greeted by fans across who would touch his feet and seek his blessings, fully knowing that he is an actor. Still, he could not find himself any job in the city [notwithstanding the feet touching fan following] and continue to play female mythological characters wherein he would be rewarded with the highest remuneration.

And then one day he meets a girl at her grandfather's funeral with full blow-dried hair-brush kissed hair and full makeup and falls in love. He starts stalking her and wins her over a song and dance sequence.

In spite of the great economic difference in a city where women from a powerful house can eat bhajiyas near-dead body but cannit go to Ghat. Yet Nobody in her family bothers to ask his occupation or source of income. How Rosy love is!

So our boy finds a job at Faridabad based "sex chat call center", impersonating an ever absconding tele-caller and wooing people across the NCR [From a well-behaved Gujjar boy to a poetically inclined honest constable to a dairy rearing virgin boy and apparently his own father without recognizing his voice. Sahi hai!

And then comes the real tyranny that a street smart boy who can give big lectures on Hindu-Muslim wedding, to woman empowerment but never realizes that her sorry his caller could fall in love with her. Nor did he bothered to take this with his employer who time to time rewards him with money, car and smartwatches. Phew! only to become a villain in the end. A stupid villain who in bid to expose the resigning employees ends up exposing his business. 

And what happens to his fiancee? She learns the truth, surveys the call-center and lectures the owners all within one scene to come terms with her lover boy. Cause if fidelity is not guaranteed at least phone sex will be free. 

In the end, everyone dances to a local number and a Punjabi number and all set well. The boy goes jobless again, playing female mythological characters at local events, publicly offending and breaching his employers' contract that was signed but was never put in any place. Trash Trash!


It is not that everything is wrong with Dream Girl. It has lot of right elements like impressive star performers like Ayushman Khurana, Vijay Raaz, Annu Kapoor among others. Some of the interesting sequences and a gem of the storyline. However, the film reduces mostly to gags and dialogues than the screenplay.  

There is a scene wherein to withdraw his father from Pooja's syndromes, Ayushman Khurana impersonates a burqa-wearing woman and demotivates his father bringing the Hindu-Muslim angle. But in the next scene, he goes overboard about trying to eliminate the difference that he created firsthand. In the next scene he drinks and admires his father for his abstinence but a scene later he again starts admonishing his father from the thought of remarriage. 

Apparently, the makers wanted everything and end up making the film as khichdi. Had some of these actors not present in the film, it could have easily been labeled as B grade cinema. The script has many red flags and sexist jokes that you will find the whole theatre bursting in laughs. The comedy is overtly sexist, unlike Chichore where the jokes were explicit yet funny. The Mathura setting looked so forced in unlike his previous movies like Badhaai ho, DLKH. Also, I wonder, for a crime at Faridabad, how come a cop at Mathura was booked for investigation?

Among the songs- tere liye dil ka telephone is impressive and rest all is passive. 

Better luck next time.

Numerounity Rating: 2.5/5

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