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A Book Review After A Long Time

A lot of my readers have asked me about the new book that I plan to review. Apparently, some people miss reading book reviews on my blog. There are quite some reasons for not doing book reviews. The top two are-

1) My pref of non-fiction over Fiction.
2) Not getting enough time to read

I have given up on fiction and Indian writers [largely] a long time back. What excites me most is to read non-fiction and especially biographies. While there are quite some biographies of well-known public figures in society, finding time to read is kind of a luxury. A luxury unless you come across a highly compelling title that tempts you enough to pick up and go page by page.

One such book in recent times is- Irrationally Passionate by Jason Kothari.

Irrationally Passionate: Book Review

So, what made this a compelling read? Compelling enough to pick it up, read and talk about? 

I, unfortunately, I would not say the title. Nor the author. For the simple reason, it is an autobiography, and if I am not mistaken, Mr. Kothari is the first time author.

So what compelled me about this about?

It is the life story and journey of the author, a young entrepreneur across countries, industries, and companies that makes it an irresistible read. 

JK [Jason Kothari] started his career as an assistant to the legendary [and my childhood favorite] Jackie Chan in Hongkong. He went on to lead and transform new-age companies like Snapdeal,, and recharge, and those anecdotes are what pulled me further to the book. 

About the Book

Title: Irrationally Passionate
Author: Jason Kothari
Genre: Auto-Biography
Edition: Hardcover [kindle edition also available]
Price on Amazon: Rs 456
No of Pages: 234

There are around 11 chapters in the book, starting from "Be True To Your Roots, Embrace Your Passion" wherein the author talks about his early childhood, his days in boarding school trying to fight the racism and taming the bully. It also talks about his life in Paris and Hongkong. Telling more about the book may give substance out instantly. Which I urge you should rather read to absorb. 

The book proceeds from one chapter to another, verbally illustrating one experience from the other, giving great insights into his life and times as an entrepreneur. 

My Turnaround From Rebel To Entrepreneur 

This is the tagline of the book, another compelling factor that draws you to the narrative. Often we know entrepreneurs as a disciplined bunch. However, coming across ones who are more rebellious in nature, makes it more interesting to read and know how the author channeled his rebellion into business transformation and global experience. 

Picture this, we all read and love comic books as kids. How many of us actually go 2 steps ahead and help salvage our fav comic books from the clutches of bankruptcy? Well, Jason did that. he scrapped money from his friends and family to save "Valiant Entertainment" his favorite childhood comic book company and transformed it into 3 largest superhero company in the world after DC and Marvel comics. His passion for the comic book and his need to find it while in Atlantic City as it was limited by supply and geographical constraints, his discussion with his uncle to take him to the store and his idea of high ROI on the comic book was quite interesting. To know more about this, go ahead read this book.

There is a chapter called" Captain a Rowboat Before a Ship, a Ship Before a Fleet" is one of the best management lessons you can follow. If not by the virtue of his personal recount, the chapter names are quite pointers to follow in your leadership life. 

The language
The language is simple, clear, and makes for a smooth read. It is unlikely to find unnecessary business jargons and tongue-twisting English that often turns away the focus from narrative to the language and comprehension. 

For example, in the chapter "Harness the Power of Focus", he recounts his experience when he decided to head the loss-making How one of his Harvard Business professors discouraged him to become CEO of a crisis-ridden company and how he stood by his decision to help a business purely because of the Mission and people behind him. 

Overall it is an interesting read. And if you are someone who likes reading business biographies, go ahead pick this one.

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