Magalir Mattum: Tamil Movie Review For Non Tamil Speakers

November 22, 2020 0 Comments

You may not know the language, so try the subtitles. Cause a good story is worth watching in any of the languages. One such film is- Magalir Mattum.

Magalir Mattum means Women's Only!

The storyline is simple- Three Convent friends reunite after a considerable period of time and how. The how is the second interesting part and the first interesting part is how their lives crossed and how they separated. 

The film stars Jyotika who is an independent documentary filmmaker who lives with her to-be mother in law. And how she encourages and unfolds her dreams to reunite with her school friends. The mother in law is played by a feisty Urvashi. 

The film also stars Bhanupriya, Saranya Poonvannam, and R Madhvan [in a special role].

Magalir means women and Mattum means- only. This is a women-oriented film with less hyper-end drama and mostly happy endings. 

What made these friends part ways, how they crossed each other's lives, and how they reunite is a treat to watch.

The film is streaming on Zee5 and you can also find a Hindi dub on YouTube. The stories are somewhat relatable and will touch your heart and funny bones too. Performances are A-notch and the screenplay is smooth.

In the world of extreme violence, religion-based politics, and the objectification of women, Magalir Mattum is a fresh breeze. This is something unique to OTT unlike a very slow-moving Devi [on MXplayer] or so-called women-oriented dramas that has either pornographic content or inspid stories [example Rasbhari].

I really loved Urvashi in this film. Her performance [even in the Hindi dub] is energetic and makes you ask for more. So, if you like a good, light-hearted movie- go and watch it.

Numerounity Rating 4/5 stars for the different storyline

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