Michael leans to rock

A sad goodbye to a man who made millions happy!!!
It is still hard to believe but true; Michael Jackson is no more alive. Mortality consumed the legendary singer and the cardiac arrest was an unfortunate excuse.
The fact has not sunk in yet. He left a “can not be filled” void. Controversies aside, this is to the person, who made us smile and scream in a voice louder than we could. [When I was composing it I was singing it to the tune of- “I remember the time I had my first smoke”, an anti smoking campaign song, sung by Gary lawyer if you remember]

1. I “remember the time”,
When a “rockin’ robin” from Indiana
With a child’s heart”, “shoo-be-doo-be-doo-da-day” my way
With that “Smile”, a “2000 watts” smile
That was the beginning of “A brand new day”.

“You are not alone”, he “screamed” in “melody”
He said-“Pretty young thing”, “my girl”, my beautiful girl
You’ve got a friend” in me
Give in to me” “just a little bit of you
Come together” and let us “fly away
Keep faith” for “we wanna be starting something

When things go “bad”, “you have got a friend
So “call on me” and “I’ll be there”.
You can cry on my shoulder” or “be a lion
For whatever it is, “don’t let it get you down
“Don’t stop till you get enough”
“Give one more chance”, “get on the floor”, and dance

It was a “break of a dawn” and I was “up again”.
For “someone in dark” never felt so “happy” again
I can’t help it” and spread the “wings of my love
Here I am” and “I want to rock with you

Black or white”, “Music and me” were never the same
On the line”; “off the wall”, “He is the wizard”, I must say

Mind is the magic”; “working day & night
From “Ben” to “Billy” and the “Ghosts” “In the closet” to
Bad” and “dangerous” made a “History
So “Invincible”, such a “Thriller

Dear Michael”, “I just can’t stop loving you
Euphoria” is “The way you make me feel
You really got a hold on me”; “We’ve a good thing going

2.Tell me I am not dreaming” for “There is a blood on dance floor
The “Man in the mirror”, the “stranger from Moscow
The Dancing machine”, “All things you are
Love is here”; “Why” have you “Gone too soon”

Don’t walk away”, “I need you
Heaven can wait”, “Cinderella stay a while
Let sing a new “Earth song”; let us write “The greatest show on earth
Once again, “Heal the world” and “touch the one you love

3.This time around” when you have gone
Ain’t no sunshine”, ain’t no “Morning glow
Little Susie” “cry” and “Maria” is “Speechless
Lonely teardrops” and “there is blood on dance floor

Farewell my summer love” though I can “never say goodbye
But “You can’t win”, what the destiny decides

It’s too late to change the time”, too late to “beat it
For time is a “smooth criminal
For it is “human nature” which slowly forgets the dead
For “they really don’t care about us” even when we are alive
songs will come; new names will emerge
Tabloid Junkie” will find new “Carousel
And new “butterflies”...

However, I still “cry”, for it is so difficult to say goodbye.

“Give one more chance”, “Burn this disco out”
“Get on the floor”, and dance

“Don’t stop till you get enough”
“Give one more chance”, “get on the floor”, and dance

PS: All text under " are the name of various song/track of MJ

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. ManAG27 June

    Jai Ho!!!! Amricca ki galiyo me bechare nanhe munne bacche bekhauf ghoom sakte hai ab... Lifebuoy..Koi darr nahi

  2. @ManAG

    Hee hee tu waha yahi sab karne gaya hai kya?

  3. ManAG27 June

    Aur kya dekha nahi ate ke sath ek bhaymukt samaj ki sthapana ki neev rakhi hia maine ,,,, shuruwat baccho se :P

  4. Hey Ekta, ur blogs are getting better by the day. Keep blogging!! :-)

  5. He was some guy...some kinda magnetic attraction for his songs...
    N no one really expected sucha sudden end..shocking..really shocking.
    May his soul rest in peace..
    Your connecting with MJ songs just too brilliant..
    Especially this..
    .....“It’s too late to change the time”, too late to “beat it”
    For time is a “smooth criminal”
    For it is “human nature” which slowly forgets the dead
    For “they really don’t care about us” even when we are alive
    songs will come; new names will emerge
    “Tabloid Junkie” will find new “Carousel”
    And new “butterflies”.....

    I liked this line..very much true..

  6. MJ was around me when i was growing up. He is and will be this generations ultimate pop icon. May his soul rest in peace.

    Nice post:)))

    BTW, thanks for dropping in, I was a bit tied, you would have noticed, my daughter had to write for me.

    Will visit often, but tell you the truth, i dont exactly prefer political blogs.I think so are most of the people. There are millions of them all around.

    most people and that includes me, are interested in people and their lives.Waiting to get a peep into the life of the blogger.


  7. A "Thriller"ing journey came to an end:(

  8. @ManAg
    Bhaymukta samaj ki sabji....always remember there is more to what appears to the eyes...

    THanks...hope that was from heart.

  9. @ Rahul

    Thanks buddy...am truly am sad his demise...i believe a lot there to his death and his life as interpretated and shown. keep writing

    Thanks for taking time and writing in..Waise i was expecting lil ananya to write in...lolz..
    Yeah agree...even me too was wondering yesterday the same thing...I was just trying to practice my hand in writing...do not worry a lot of interesting stuff will be coming around :)

    Yup sad but true. BTW i couldn't post comments on ur blogs...some prob with the function...

  10. Hey , i have tagged you.Visit my blog for details and come up with your response.


  11. The King Lives in us..

    Yo Ekta! Sorry if i was missing for a bit. Exams the yaar! :P

    Anyways specially for you dear

    "Numerounity isn't just a name, it's an ideal"(DPhat)


  12. So sad. In 1984, “Weird Al” Yancovic released a single “Eat It”, a parody of Michael Jackson song, “Beat It”. This music video, “Eat it” became very popular. "Weird Al" got a Grammy for that single. Before producing this album, he asked Michael Jackson’s permission. Parody means making fun of the original. Michael Jackson was a mega star. Still, he was not only magnanimous enough to give permission but also helped "Weird Al" with the production of "Eat It".

  13. @ Zillion..

    Well you gotta teach me about tag...have heard the word toredleslly though but still couldn't figure yeh hota kya hai :)

    @ DPhat
    Thanks yaar..once again u made my day:)
    All the best for exams.

  14. @ SG

    Welcome to my blog and must say that's an amazing fact. Keep writing.

    I miss MJ even more..

  15. I never knew that u know so much about Michael jackson...
    I m lovin it!....

  16. What teach?, i called you "beauty with Brain" for nothing? Writing a tag response aint rocket science. So not teach-weach!!!
    Hehe, I was just kidding, no compulsions, take your own sweet time....But tagging and responding to tags is a lovely way of interacting and getting to know other blogger.After all we all want readership and we dont write just for ourselves. Hein na? Ciao:)).

  17. yep.. he will be missed for sure...!

  18. Hey,

    Thank u for writing that, i really needed to read something like this.As if his demise was not pain enough, the media and even the general public has really pissed me of. It seemed liked nobody had something gud to say about him, nothing about his great music and those dance moves and all that people could remember were the controversies.

    This is a beautiful tribute....

    RIP Michael

  19. @Akash
    The more I learned about him…more I liked him :)
    Thanks for writing in

    @ Zillion
    Heehee…hei hei!!! Don’t worry, will surely live upto the Tag"s" you have given me :)

    @ eye in sty
    Welcome to my blogs and Many thanks for joining & writing…BTW visited urs too…they are wonderful!!! Keep visiting :)

  20. @ Mystique

    Thanks for dropping in and welcome!!!

    Thanks again for the response:)

    keep visiting.

  21. very impressive and appropriate. love how you use his songs here.. fitting.

  22. Awesome! I remember the campaign you're talking about and the words you've written fit beautifully around the tune. Kudos!

  23. I like ur blog too. And yes, MJ's death was a very sad thing to happen.

  24. King of Pop is dead! but his music shall endure forever...liked way you arranged his tracks as sentences.. :)

  25. @ Floreta..

    Thanks for the sweet remarks and welcome to my blog. Visited your ones too...quite unique and insightful..Hope to see more of you here :)

    @ Sumit
    Thanks Sumit and welcome to my blogs... you write nice..and yeah you are the only person to have recalled that song...thanks and keep visiting..

  26. @ eye-in-sty-in
    Thanks again. And yeah you are right...his demise is very sad thing to happen plus the what makes it more sad is the circumstances under which he suffered and died.

    @ Hemish
    THanks for liking the post hemish...yes, no one can "beat" his music...

  27. @ sanket

    Thanks...Finally :)

  28. ppl were all over him even when he died - I disliked comments like "he is worth more dead than alive"... sad, really!

  29. @ eye-in-sty-in
    Yes, absolutely...and I especially hated ppl who made fun of him using those controversies which they do not have any personal proofs...But thats not something so new of this world..isn't it?

  30. i know what u mean - like the time of the surgery and the baby dangling - u can see they are making money @ hos expense - and u can tell he was behaving innocently... its not the 1st time that a talented artist behaved quirky - let him live his life as per his rules...

  31. ManAG29 June

    Ohh Really ... I guess you n me have read n followed what all published n written ...n no one has been a relative or friend of MJ...

    So let you be with your perception n I'm free to express mine...

    Hope that makes sense to you Miss Blogger

  32. @ eye-in-sty-in
    YUp...world look commerce in everything and everything in life...

  33. @ ManAg aka manish

    Reading what published is one thing and following is other.. I read all of them but do notchoose to believe them... To me his music was greatest...he uplifted my mood many a times when i was alone and sad..i listened to his songs and lyrics amazed. Hope you appreciate your friend's likeness. rest all as you said is freedom of expression. You have your own and me, mine...so cheers!!! :)

  34. ManAG29 June

    Ohh yes when comes to music ... even I like it and no doubt he was one of the all time greatest ...but celebritism has one major side effect... dat is your personal life is no longer yours... So everyone has a say with their own perception ... n u can't force your likeness on your "FRIEND" ... n one more thing when people Blog and invite others to write they should be open to all views..not sure the rule is " write sth to appreciate your friend's likeness"

  35. This HAS tobe the best tribnute to MJ ever!!

    Loved it!! :)

    RIP MJ.

  36. @ ManAg
    Nikal li apne "man ki aag"...ab chal shaanth ho ja...btw woh bhi tera hi outlook tha...lolz!!!

    BTw i will remember that u cant force ur likeness to ur fren...hmmm hmmm

  37. @ Bondgalz...

    Hey thanks a ton:)

    And welcome to my blog...keep visiting!!!

  38. What a tragic end really!

  39. @ Indrani

    Hi, you are right...BTW welcome to my blog...take care.

  40. Thats truly brilliant!!!

    Hey do you know your blog is listed among the "top Indian blog" at amit agarwal's website? Its under personal segment...check out at labnol...

  41. Very nice ....great stuff !!!

  42. @ Le emb...

    Thanks a ton and welcome to my blog! Have been to yours too and must say it was impressive.

  43. Amazing :) Here from the blog award post :) Voting for u :)

  44. @ usha

    Thanks a ton buddy. keep visiting!

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