Wake up Arun!

September 19, 2009 47 Comments

[Instead of writing a story, I have attempted a monologue for Priya. Priya is the main protagonist, who unable to cope with the jeopardy life bought to her, goes berserk. This is once again my first attempt of this kind. Therefore, Pl is kind to me. Here it goes…]

-At home-
9:00 am: “Arun, Pl wake up it is a 9’o clock in the morning and I‘ve already re-heated your coffee for three times chellamma*. I have to get ready for the office re. You know the new broadband that our company has launched, is bringing so many “impatient” customers complain. I must reach early so that I can come back early. My day is going to be tight today, Honey”.

“Arun, honey are you listening to me? [Giggles] No baby, not now…Oh god, why does this phone has to ring all the time and at all the wrong times”?

“Hello, hi Anuja nalla iriken, ning eppadi irikinga? [I am fine, how are you doing] Off course, I am fine, trying to wake Arun from his beauty sleeps. I am glad that you remember his birthday. What happened why you are distressful? Now do not start the same nonsense again Anuja, why? Arun is here only. For heaven sake, why are you crying? What forget Arun? What da, what are you talking? Listen I am in hurry and have to let the line go. See you later”.
[Hung up the line, walks down to Arun]

“That was Anuja with her usual… hey, you still sleeping? Hmm ok, my lazy baby; enjoy your beauty sleep. I have made some porridge for breakfast and kept it in the microwave, pl reheat it before eating. The juice is in the fridge. Do not forget. Shanta bai will come by 12:00 to cook lunch. Yes, baby, I shall eat in the office. Now, need not worry about me…Oh, fish, this coffee is spoilt; shall I brew a fresh one? Ok baby take care. Do shave today; it was so hurting last night”.

[Door closes; Priya calls for a cab for the office]

“Driverji, how many times do I have to tell you to wash the upholstery? You know Arun has a dust allergy. What? Yes, Arun sir is there, sleeping inside. Now you just clean it in case if he wants to use the car today. I will take a taxi, no issue. Oh God, I said na- “No issue-driven”.

-In office-
10:00 am: “Yup honey, I have reached office. Do eat your breakfast and take care. See ya”.

4:00 pm: “Oh these customers, why on the earth are they so ‘impatient’ all the time? Renuka you are lucky that you are handling the payment desk. Not that I am complaining after all this is where I first met Arun. Arun oh! Gosh in all this mess, I forgot to call him. He is not well you see- later Renuka, let me first ring him and…stop talking rubbish about… Hey, baby, what are you up to? Why did you take so much time to pick the call? Had your breakfast on time? What Shanta bai did not turn up today? Let me come back in the evening, I shall handle all her increased absenteeism these days. Oh, you have sent the car to pick me. How sweet of… Honey, let me disconnect now, Renuka is coming back and if she sees me talking to you, she will once again start her lectures”.

“Oh Renuka, I do not understand what is wrong with all my friends? First Anuja, now you. Listen, dear, it is Arun’ birthday today and I must rush early. You know na what has happened last year; it was our Mehendi and Arun has to suddenly leave in the middle for an urgent call of duty at Taj. I was so scared when we saw all those firings on the TV. With mom’s crying, my fainting, gosh it was such a dreadful evening. Thank God, that Arun came back next evening. These heartless terrorists, they have soiled all his uniform with blood. I still am struggling to wash off all those stains from his uniforms. First that damn hepatitis and then this attack. Wish we had not left Bangalore and come to Mumbai. Renuka…Oh, fish, I need to rush, Arun would be waiting for me. You see, it is his birthday today. Bye”.

-On the way back to home-
“Driverji, stop once at the Kormangla Signal, I need to buy some flowers and stuff. Come on stop giving me that puzzled look and hurry up; Arun Sahib will be waiting”.

-Back to home-
6:00 pm: “Sorry baby, this BTM traffic is gone to dogs and to top that this Renuka too has lost her marbles. Same old rubbish that stops thinking about Arun, Arun has left you and blah blah. She is crazy or what? I have even asked her to come with me and see from her own eyes that we are still together and happy too; people talk rubbish”.

“You won’t leave me na? Please do not leave me. No baby I will not cry again. I know that you are not like those men esp. the breed of my father. I know you will never abandon me. We shall build a home together and start our family soon. Let us have at least two children, a girl, and a boy. Twins? Wow! We then will buy everything in pairs for the- two pair of the pram, socks, feeders, rattle-tattle etc. Blue color for the boy and pink for the girl child”.

“Yes, we will have children. I want both of them to look like you, their father. Ok, the girl like me and the chap like you! Happy? If its girl, we will name her ‘Suhani’ and the boy ‘Sooraj’- Captain Sooraj Thapar, s/o Captain Arun Thapar”.

“Wow! Oh yes, I know am dreaming once again but it is a beautiful dream. Moreover, after ma’s demise, these dreams have become my family. Daddy was always a way that I never knew what a father is until I met your dad. Your dad and mom have filled the gap of parents in my life. They have made me so much at home, with a family that I could never ask for more. Sorry, I am not going to cry again but I am missing them so much. Hope, they return soon from their trip to the holy shrine. I could not join them as I do not want to leave you alone on your birthday”.

9:00pm: “I still remember our first meeting and our first ride. Oh Arun, I am so glad that you came to my life. A life where men had no place, no trust, you came as a fresh breeze, a blessing in my life. No pain seems visible, no problem appears difficult ever since you walked in, held my hands and we walked together. Let us celebrate this over the wine that I bought today and some nice pasta. Here, toast to our love, your long life, and our unborn babies”. Cheers!

Next morning when Shanta bai came inside the house, she saw Priya half-lying on the table with an empty wine bottle and two glasses, half-empty. The silver candle stand was still holding the residue of the burnt candles. As Shanta bai leaned over the table to erect the stand and escort Priya to bed, she heard Priya whisper in half slumber- “Shanta Bai, why did you not come yesterday, Arun Sir had to eat outside. You know his present health does not allow him to eat out”. “Shanta bai I do not want to be awake now, I want to sleep for some time”.

Shanta Bai nodded in approval with her one hand holding Priya and other hand wiping her tears.
[Readers, a funny incidence happened while I was writing this post. I got a call from Hyderabad office where a person called me up to follow up on the yesterday’s discussion. Yesterday’s discussion? I could not recall any such discussions but he insisted that I had. For a moment, I was befuddled. Am I being forgetful while writing a schizophrenic story? I insisted and asked him to check again. Thankfully, he rechecked the name and found that it is some other Ekta, Ekta Khungar, from Mumbai office. “It was so nice to talk to you though”, he said before hanging up:)]

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Holy Love of god!!! What an amazing culmination to the story. The underlying melancholy of the situtaion was wonderfully expressed. This by far has been one of the best references to the aftermaths any terrorist attack. My heart goes for the lady in the story - Wonder how many of those women would have turned like that.

    Its so true when they say - "No one wins in a war"

    Very Very well written!!


  2. @ raMmy

    Thanks a ton buddy. Hope you read the original story and the contest. I have digressed a bit only to try adding a new angle.

    Welcome back:)

  3. I really enjoyed reading this story.Very well written.And,few words in Tamil were simple but clear...Nalla Irkan(i know a bit of Tamil)

  4. @ BKCji

    Thanks a Ton. You were misssing for quite a long time that i begin to wonder whether you stopped liking my blogs:) But hey welcome back!

  5. hey Ekta, wow...I loved reading this one...and since I knew the plot having attempted the story myself, I could actually visualise what Priya was doing and what others were trying to explain to her...very nicely narrated plot and you have made it all sound real...amazing..:)

  6. Hey ekta,it was a great take on the story..ur version linking every other contestant's perspective..the schizophrenia could very well be articulated..sometimes,even when we wanna put up some crazy lunatic stuff,the sober self in us would show out making our literary attempts worthless..urs had no such flaw..
    btw,you look pretty in the pic.. :)

  7. Hi Ekta,
    Very nice story.... Loved the way you have interlinked other stories in yours so beautifully... :-)

  8. @ Neha
    I am glad that you liked it. I also hope that I have tagged your writing at the right spot. Thanks for responding and love to hear from you:)

    @ Gayathri
    Thanks a ton for all the appreciation and encouragement. I am happy that you liked it. Flawless is a big compliment yaar! Thanks :)

    Love to hear again:)

  9. @ Spike/ eye insty in

    Thanks buddy, i am so glad that you liked it. It was my first attempt and I was quite sjaky about it. But blogdosts like you make it all worth for me. keep writing:)

  10. That was simply amazing. I really loved the way you interlinked all the stories.All through the narrative, I could visualize what was happening.
    I used to refer to the story that I wrote as 'just a story.' But I think this has become much bigger now. I think I will call it "our story" This is now beyond a competition. It has taken the shape of a joint venture.
    Simply marvelous.

  11. @ Aparna
    Looks like it is girl's day today. I am really touched by all appreciation, encouragement and approval all of you have shown me here. And I am happy that I tried it.

    yes, This is Truly our creation and above the story contest:)
    Keep writing and take care:)

  12. Too good Ekta, you have just given the story a beautiful new height. Loved it from the word go!! It was a visual treat.

  13. Ekta your really too good believe me. Amazing stuff..i really visualized all what u have written...its perfect. U really have a love;y talent utilize it. I in my wildest of dreams cannot think of coming up with such a terrific post...hats off.

    They say in Bengali..."Khub Bhalo" :)

  14. @ Sujata
    Thanks dear, I am glad that you liked it.

    @ Nazish

    hey first of all, A very Happy Id.

    And then many many thanks for such adulation. hahaa never been so lavishly praised:)

  15. hey Ekta... i didnt quite read the other verses of the story!, but yu just made me to do that! wow! lovely take ....and i didnt reailse how lost i was until i reached the end of the tale!!quite a touching one!! glad to c yu blogging again..tc..


  16. and forgot to ask..yu tamil by the way?

  17. wonderfully written Ekta.. awesome :)

    I am glued to this one... and the emotions she was going through was portrayed very well..

    I didn't read the link now... will do soon :)

  18. that incident is too funny... :)

    LOL @ nice talking to you... :) he he he..

  19. My, My... Kya chhapa hai. Maa Kasam. Kya patience bole toh. Fulltoo Jhakkas.

  20. @ Hary

    Thanks a ton buddy, am glad that you liked it:)

    Well I am not a tamilian by birth but love the breed n culture a lot and spent a good time at Chennai:)

    @ Kanugu
    Thanks a ton buddy:)

    But which incidence are you talking about?

  21. @ Vee

    Thanks buddy bole to dhanyavaad:)

  22. You know soon I'll be running outta words to appreciate what you write!!

    INCREDIBLE!! You have the uncanny ability to bring out the deepest of emotions in a totally effortless manner.

    Super duper post!! :)


  23. @ bondgal

    Thanks buddy, you really rock too!

    I am really infalted with all your praises and I am seriously wondering how do I carve my next post...Many expectations...pl be kind:)

    Actually I would have loved to have you explore this as well...I mean your take on this storyline. Game? :)

  24. Excellent post Ekta !!

    Looking forward to the next post....

  25. This post deserved to be published and shown to every terrorist on earth.

    One hell of a piece! Great! Keep it up!

  26. You have been awarded and tagged by me ...!!!

  27. Awesome story girl!!!

    You have linked it so well with something so contemporary & real!!!

    Loved it...

  28. Awsome....great way of telling the story. Loved this. :)

  29. Anonymous22 September

    having woken up discovering simultaneously tht im not arun, wont u visit mine?

  30. @ Aditya
    Thanks a lot:)

    @ `LEB

    Well i read your tag and realized that I do not figure in your blogroll list and you ve mentioned that you read only blogs that is listed in the south side...Hmmm Hmmm.. Let me see if and when can I fulfill the tag ;)

  31. I am speechless after reading this post. You have incredible ability give life to ur characters..

  32. @ Smita

    Thanks buddy... You were being missed:)

    @ ZB
    Thanks buddy :)

  33. @ infracaninophile

    Good morning.. I did, I did and loved the page:)

    @ Mayank
    Ahem, I hope you are not kidding me :)

  34. Anonymous23 September

    Thank You.

    I quite fancy your page too.

  35. A great effort Ekta......I guess its very difficult to write a fiction...a story like that......

    From some of my reads Goal 1, Goal 2 by Ellehy Goldratt (Check the spelling), Chaowranghi by Sankar......the way they have knitted the stories and handled the characters is amazing.....just see if those can be of any help to you ever.

  36. @ Infracaninophile
    I am touched, thanks :)

    @ Rahul
    Thanks a to buddy. I have heard about the "Goal" I guess i have one part as well. It must Eliyahu I guess, never mind after whats in name:)

    BTW I will def try to read this books since you ve recommended it:)

  37. Hey are you in a drive to experiment with all that can be written and expressed without writing too much about it? If yes, then you are really doing it brilliantly....Kudos, amigos...I loved each n every sentence here. It reminds me of that bong-english movie chowringhee lane or something with konkona sen sharma. I actually started visualizing her here:)

    Brilliantly scripted, sculpted and narrated!

  38. Anonymous24 September

    Adding you to my Blogroll.

  39. Hi, am Shruti. bLOghopped for one reason, your fav book says Fountainhead. Am trying to get the hang of that book from last 1 week and somehow kept it aside today...

    Goodness, your narration was superb. Amazing flow!!!!

  40. Anonymous07 October

    Got to see a simplified version of Ayn Rand here :)

    Cool Blog!

  41. @ Sanchi
    Thanks a ton… You mean that 15th park avenue? Yup it was a good movie yet with a very sad ending. In fact it was so sad in the end that I regret watching it.

    @ Infra

    @ Shrutishri harsha
    Thanks Shruti. I am so glad that you discovered my blogs. Keep visiting and sharing:)

  42. @ Science bloggers association
    Thanks and keep visiting. I shall try to hop your blog soon

    @ Surya Kannan
    Thanks and I am honored for the Ayn rand thing. I mean how? I read her Fountainhead in school and became her fan.

  43. Wow Ekta.. the ending was really awesome.. sorry for the delay in checking the blog.. i have been really lazy :p

  44. Anonymous09 October

    WOW! Amazing way of telling a story. Good Job!

  45. Anonymous09 October

    Your narrative at times matches Ayn Rand's thought process. But this comparison is just a reference point as people are Unique and cannot be compared.

    Your description of dreams going down, /* It is not so easy to weave dreams and then see them falling apart;*/ in the Crossroads post was quite similiar.

  46. @ Hemish
    Thanks buddy...its better late than never:)

    @ Jyothi
    Thank you:)

    @ Surya Kannan
    Thanks Surya, Am aure Ms Ayn Rand will be glad and proud to hear this:)


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