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December 15, 2009 8 Comments

The keywords are-
Airtel, Saif Ali khan, Mumbai, Ekta Khetan, August, Kareena Kapoor, Tata Indicom and some dreams!

Any guesses...

Keep watching this space....

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  1. no guesses just fill the space soon :-)

  2. mere pet main "butterflies" ghoom rahi hain... plzzzzz fill the space fast...

  3. Anonymous15 December

    The Hindu, Dated 6 Aug 2010:
    A new sensation sweeps the world of advertising in India. Young, vibrant and Dynamic Ekta Khetan launched her maiden advertising venture few months back. The results have been mind-blowing in terms of the product-sales for Tata-Indicom and Airtel.

    Viewers are hooked to the ad that brought Saif and Kareena to the lime-light of the bollywood industry again. Brilliant conceptualization and direction of an idea that grabbed the eye-balls of millions of viewers across the nation is paying rich dividends for the corporates.

    This girl from the humble beginnings in St.Mary's school of management to taking the marketing and advertising port-folios, she had scaled great heights in her career.

    Meet Ektha Kethan, the brain and brilliance behind the successful advertisements throughout the world.

    (And your Interview follows....)

    Hope, my guess is right :) About the path and territory your dreams would chart.

    Will be watching this space.

  4. i know!! i know! i know!!!

  5. I hope surya kannan's words to be true :)

  6. If what Kannan is saying is true, all the best for the commendable job.
    My best compliments.

  7. @ Sonu, Mayank, Surya, Rammy, Kanagu & BKCji

    THanks a lot for your comments. The mystery has been unveild and you can chcek it out and pl do tell me how good/bad you found it to be? :)

  8. heyy ... nice blog .. ;)

    will b back to read the posts .. :)


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