Let's live this summer up together!!!

May 28, 2012 18 Comments

So folks, me & Kyra, both sunshine girls, loves fun, bitten by wanderlust and on the run for outdoor fun. Did you mention-  sun burn, skin ministration, tan? Whoa! Who cares. We are sunprotected. We are going to live up this summer together and how. Well aabbbcc, blah blah blah…Naah! to cut the gibberish, I was told kyra enjoys her music and so do I…so here’s my song to Kyra as how we can live it up this summer together (I hope she likes my invitation n join me)-

(There’s lotsa oomph, ooze but no booze. We are dunk on our spirits & high on rouge. So pick up your glasses of pincoladas and read on. Beware, do not forget to put your sunscreens on as its quite hot, scorching hot!)

Dear friend Kyra,

Summer is here again; Bright, warm, solar incandescence
Sultry breeze musk arcane; Earth snuggles when sun embraces
Leaving everywhere golden traces

Look at me, says the wonderful day.
So what if its month of May?
Life’s calling outside the window pane.
Lest fear not the ray, the ray of smoldering sun
The sun wanna shine through the skin, radiant & splendid
Majestic and pristine

Come hitherto, lets’ go for a summer safari
Sun, sand & surf; let’s rock the turf,
Peep in Coral reef and walk blue lagoon
Let’s get soaking in sun and the blue water, under the blue cerulean
Together we march, walk past the shore
to the sea so wide, sea so deep
The sea so enormous and sea more.

Let the music play, the song of joy,
Joy of summer, joy of the chirping bird
Joy in the heart and let there be joy
In every foot step that we walk

Let’s walk through an orchard, a green mango orchard
Midst the fragrant leaves that trees bore
Laden with flowers, tropical fruits- Green, fresh, plump & ripened
Let’s cross those orchards and climb those trees
Or stand underneath & shoot a twig
Pluck the resinous Alphonso and devour
Between the slices, the sweet - sour slices
The tangy slices of mangoes, lays innocent friendships
Playful, joyous, naughty friendships. they peels in laughter and feasts on the juicy beast.

Let’s go where the sun shine brightly
To beat the cruel summer, let’ live a vibrant dream.
To hush the heat aside, lets go on a summer paradise
Lets make those dreams come true; Lets go where sea is blue

Let’s walk to the beach, splash the water
And run behind the trailing waves that comes after
Let’s bath in the tide, surf the splash aside
And swim towards the glowing foam of the sea.
What lies beneath, underwater, lets dive and meet a starfish
The water so vivid, calm yet livid
Let’s embark towards the deep sea

Let’s sail in a boat, pass by rocks & albatross
Spotting dolphins & a little mermaid
Whose eyes glitters & tail has hue
Near the horizon, underneath a rainbow
Let’s fish where the sky meets the sea

Along come the lighthouse; a mariner guiding lighthouse
Tall & steady lighthouse, guiding us in the sea
The ferry will farther as far we want, all sea as farther we glance
If there’s a storm, it would do us no harm
As long, you and I, are we.
I will hold your hand, and rise the mast strong
Together we shall sail the darkest sea

Back on shore, lets explore some more
water scooter or paragliding.
let's explore the aqua world; lets go deep sea diving
We shall build a canopy; indulge in beach therapy.
whistling at seagulls, lounge to the core
strum a guitar, 
Or play a summer volley.

The warmth of sand, the luster of sand
smooths up & slips our hand
Let’s take some spade and pail them ahead
And bring back the childhood glee
Sand castles, paper boats ah there’ much fun to be.
Let’s wade through the water; chasing that turtle

Astride the sea, beneath the valley; Look at me,
The summer that dwells in my eyes hope u can see
Who is afraid of sun? At least not we
turn your face to sun, you can see,
all the shadows fall, falls behind we.
Let’s pull up a sarong and wear our oomphs on
As picture perfect as we
Palms & stones, conchs and shells;
Ripples in the water n that dimple in your laughter; calm floating waves 
Snap happy we click them all

Here’s a lemonade, to toast the lovely friends we made
we gonna be together, fun or strife.
Let’s make it the best holiday of our life
lets cool our heels, throw caution to wind
pump the music on; Karaoke & partying
Let’s go dancing,  hula ho, let’s Bailamoss!


This post is written for "The Lakme Diva Blogger Contest" on Indiblogger.
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  1. sweet!!! I love adventures with girls--they are always special!

  2. nice one yar...cheers n wishes

  3. @ Bhavana
    Thank you so much. yes, times r changing...ppl giving friendship a chance :)

    @ Ramesh
    Thank you :)

  4. As always, Super. You have excellent writing skills. Rudyard Kipling said, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

    You wrote: “Let’s walk to the beach, splash the water. And run behind the trailing waves that come after”. When I read these lines, I stopped reading for five minutes. My mind went back to Muttom beach we visited during our recent India trip. We have been to many beaches around the world. But this Muttom beach will be in our memory for ever. It is between Nagarkovil and Kanyakumari in Tamilnadu. Virgin beach. No Tourists. We were there alone. Beautiful landscape and high rocks slope downwards into the sea.

    At first I thought of repeating Bhavana’s comments. Then I decided not to. Hahaha.

  5. @ SG

    Ever since I wrote this post, i went low on energy which is now highly replenished. Thanks to your comment :)

    Sometime I feel to blog more so because of the positive and highly encouraging lines that you write./ My blogs wud be sooo incomplete without you buddy! Thank u sooo mcuh for being there, unconditionally :)

  6. That was quite a poetic weave:) Best wishes for the contest!

  7. Spotting dolphins & mermaids adventures :)
    I like these kind of girls :P

    ok quite long but nice play of words.
    all the best for the contest !

  8. @ Rahul Bhatiaji

    Thank you soo much1 :)

    @ Rahul Miglani
    Thanks buddy...it's the plan of an entire summer vacation together, big plans, ought to be long plans...and fun fulled too!

  9. Now I am craving for a holiday! Imaginative and vivid. I like. Good luck with Kyra, have fun you two! :P

  10. @ Abhyudaya
    Thanks a lot buddy!

  11. hey thanks yar for all d encouragement...coffee is on me when v catch up sometime somewhere haha:)

  12. @ ramesh

    So we have now 2 coffees on you! Right buddy! :)

    Am counting! :)

  13. a fun post, eh? loved it!! all the best for the contest!!

  14. @Debajyoti,

    Thank you so much! Did u also participated in this contest? If yes, pl do share your post here :)

  15. Wow! Amazing.. Its written so well and with such an ease! Love your writing Ektha! :)

  16. no i didn't take part in the contest but may be i will next time :)

    now i am going to read your new post :)

  17. @ haritha,

    Thank u sooo much. Your encouragement keeps me floating! :)

  18. @ Debajyoti

    :) Sure do read and let me know how do you find it? :)


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