Internet is fun!

High speed data and Real time chats
Forget the long queues,
Office firewalls or proxy servers
Now, hub to the world in my pocket,
For the café is on my fone!

It’s a wireless world,
No hassle no dongle,
And no big devices
That I need to carry over
I rule the world, the World Wide Web
The world in my hands, the world on my thumb
Internet is so much of fun!

Unlimited downloads, music, movies, videos
No more dull moment for the fun is on go
Internet is fun- at home, work or even on run
Traffic jam, who cares any more
When a click of icon, can take me to my favorite show
What News, what Soaps and my favorite comedians perform!
I can see them all on my Opera mini browser
Matrimony, Jobs or Parenting, my wish will be done
When I am one on one, with my fone

Seamless data, no more buffering
No long call centre waiting, no more texts,
Just one click of icon and I am on web.
Millions of content under the sun
Whoa! Internet is such a fun

With friends, family or alone,
I surf, surf and explore
Videoblogging and Video calling
Anywhere, anytime, “www” on prawl
And when I connect with my “mi-fi”,
The joy is Internet is 5 times well spun.
Internet is more & more & fun!

Data snacking twenty four by seven
What Android, Mango, Apple or BBM
Whatsapp! It’s I, me and my Smartphone
Touch screen, slider or QWERTY,
Voice of youth & need of learned
A prayer well answered for those living offshore
A flight of Skype and I am home
I become wordsmith, I am new Newton
Power to me
Says my fone!

Now my crops don’t wither
Beware piggies and angry birds, I am hither
I go around world in few megabytes
I click pictures and publish on spot 
Find places to visit and leave my note 
Send greetings to my friends with cute emoticons
I can support for Anna & sign e-petition
I can connect to Indiblogger, contest & even cast my vote!

Office presentation & all my spreadsheet calculation
From Linkedin to StockbrokingBanking,
Flight check-ins to travel booking
Round the clock, I can access all my information
Internets spells- F-U-N...Fun!
I can create my recipes and share with town
Check amazing deals & shop for my new gown
Read a new book & Blog it around
Go to youtube, my videos you may found
I am “Numerounity” on twitter and hey am retweeted by Hrithik Roshan

There’s no limit to do what I can
Hurrah! My Internet world is surely a world full of fun!

I heart goes zoozoo zoobi zoobi zoobi for my fone!

My entry to "Internet is fun on Vodafone" at "Indiblogger"

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  1. I am your new panka aka fan! Awesome poem on internet. Kudos to your creativity.

  2. @ Medha
    Thanks soooo much sweetie! Awesome feedback & compliments :)

    You have a nice blog too & am hooked to it. Blogrolling u :)

  3. Anonymous15 May

    tooo good...

  4. Not bad!:-) Kinda crammed up..but not bad!!!

  5. though millions are using internet and various gadgets, never came across anyone to write such a nice poetry about the net.

    Good one

  6. @ Anonymous
    Thank You. It will help if u can write your name too!

    @ Rahul

    Thanks. May be looks crammed up to you but for me t'was important to pour all the fun that generations can attach to "internet is fun"!

  7. @ Sundar
    Thank you sooo much buddy!

  8. From all the entries I've read for the contest yours is the most innovative.. for one instead of writing an article u chose to write a poem and adding links was brilliant!

  9. very well written..was nice reading it!

  10. Rap for Interent..certainly would have been Fun! :D

  11. Anonymous16 May

    Ah someone is in great spirits...
    is it that retweet ?! :P

  12. @ Smita

    @ Pankaj
    Thank u sooo much. I just wanted to be different and light on ppl reading multiple posts while being tru to subject. Glad u liked it :)

    @ Sakshi
    Thank u soo much. Keep visiting!

  13. @ Punit
    Yup, you can sing it like a rap too buddy. I sang like a song while writing this. Rap brings a new angle! :)

    @ Hitchwriter you know sweets :)

  14. Ekta, you have done it again. Super as always. Computers and Internet – I am in kindergarten and you are in Ph.D.

    Many people get addicted to internet. We can easily identify them:

    They kiss their boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s home page.
    Their night dreams are in HTML.
    And many more but I don’t want to occupy your post.

    I am so ignorant that I am still searching where is “Any Key” on my keyboard when the screen says “Press Any Key”

    About Linkedin, you will hear from me.

  15. @ SG
    Thankksssssss a tonn buddy! You always have best things to talk about me and you spoil me rottens :)

    BTW, why is that ur blog is missing from the scene? Last day today...wanna see a post from ur side :)

    BTW, I found "any key". It's on the laptop of the 1st prize of the contest :) yeeeh

  16. Very nice..:-)Sweet blog..:-)

  17. @ A Homemaker Utopia

    Thank u soo much. Keep visiting! :)

  18. Seriously, that was a lot of fun! It did leave me wondering though what would happen should there be no internet.

  19. @ Umashankar


    If internet wouldn't exist, u n I wouldn't be blogging!

  20. Loved this entry. Wonderful and upbeat

  21. @ Ritu

    Thank you sooo made my day! :)

  22. baapre baapre baap...real good one yar....and hey thanks buddy for those kind words..ok coffee on me when and if v meet cheers

  23. @ R Ramesh

    Thank u buddy! I look forward to the coffee. come soon :)

  24. That was great!
    A poem that sums it up real nice.
    Anyways, good to know people are still watching Doogie Howser!

  25. @ Harish

    Thanks...Dunno about Doogie howser...but ya I do watch TBBT and love it :)

    What's your favorite?

    Keep visiting!

  26. @numerounity mine would have to be "Game of Thrones," its the best! Although I do see Big Bang theory, its good as well!

  27. @ Harish

    Confession, confesson...I haven't seen "games of throne"...which channel; does it come?

    BBT is my all time fav and sheldon, my love!

  28. haha hey thanks yar..i may be in chennai, bombay, blore or maybe even delhi in v can plan coffee session for sure...

  29. @ ramesh
    Cool...looking forward to my "coffee with Ramesh"...Do we have rapid fire round as well?

    Oh and what would be in the coffee hamper? Don't tell me "Kofi" anna-n :)

  30. That was full of creative and fun! You wrapped everything in the world of internet so beautifully well! All the best to you :)

  31. Hi

    That was cool. Good Luck for the contest.

  32. @ Arti
    Thank you so much for your sweet encouraging comments:)

    Also many thanks for promoting my post at Indibloggers :)

  33. @ Jaish

    Thank you so much :)

  34. ........ ...... ..... sorry!! am running outta of words. ........

    very nice post. All the best.

  35. @ Cyril
    ........... ............thank you sooo much!..........keep writing in :)

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