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June 28, 2012 16 Comments

It was dark & midnight,
when a strange shadow came close by
stout shadow, shadow so fierce
shadow that sends spine a chill & queer
a tall, rough figure wrapped in long cloak
his sinister green eyes crystal in dark
Jaws clenched in anxiety & hands folded inside.
must be a gun, my heart sigh
a psychopath on run, news flashed mind
serial killer or the likes of cannibal
he looked all cold & evil,
I could suddenly hear him call

dark claustrophobic night and we were alone
on that road that footprints have foregone

like a blitzkrieg he walked, large steps and thump aloud
I sped away but he still followed
I ran across the road and all in vain
ran, ran & ran but cannot escape.
he jumped & marched ahead
the end is near & its crystal clear

"what do you want", I begged
he came ahead,took his hands out
God no, will he be shooting or slaughter with knife, I doubt
black, cold finger that he raised
everything turn dark & I no longer could gaze.

"take all & leave me alone"
I screamed aloud as I fell down on tar floor
Its all over! I sighed
he marched his hand & asked-
"Do you have an extra light by any chance?"

This piece is written basis the picture prompt given by the MAG for magpie prompt no 123.
Also including the prompt by OSI (Prompt- Crystal)

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Nice poem. Nice description of your anxiety and fear. But I had a feeling you are setting up your readers for a surprise. But I did not guess this pleasant surprise. I thought he was going to say "I thought you were a ghost and afraid you were going to kill me".

  2. Thanks SG.

    To begin with, I didn't knew what to write but all I know that I have to write and write within 30 odd minutes...so here it is...the twist just to get at least few things positive in life :)

  3. Stout shadow and claustrophobic night...I need to turn on the light and open the window now...welcome to Magpie!

    1. Thanks Tess... You said beautifully.

      Also sometime its better to not open windows in night.

      Its summer and wind may fright! :)

  4. Lots of feeling clubbed together, more than a poem , I experience a great flow while reading it, goes apt with the pic
    beautiful :)

    1. Thanks a lot, madrasi! :)

      It was my first of sort. Glad u liked it! :)

      Keep visiting :)

  5. Half way through I sensed something was coming - something that would turn from the sinister into the light hearted (no pun intended!) Nice write!

    1. Hey bee,

      I wanted to add another twist which wasn't light but refrained to make it positive. Glad you liked it! :)

  6. you created the suspense well! Very nice.

  7. Sure. thanks for writing in. Will do so.

  8. Wow! Thriller! In rhyme! Love! x

    1. Thanks so much Hannah. Keep visiting.

      You write well too :)

  9. Love the way dark theme handled in this poem!
    In fact it is admiring the you came up with this just from one screenshot...
    I have seen this entire film (Touch of Evil) and never thought of writing a poem :P


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