The legend of Dara Singh (Nov 1928 - Jul 2012)

July 16, 2012 1 Comments

He came, he saw & he conquered!
Now he rest-in-peace

Dara Singh, Rustom-e-hind, the most memorable/ beloved Hanumanji of silver screen. The epitome of strength and humility and the original muscleman of Indian cinema. To think of it, he never wanted to act in films but it just happened cause of fame he received in wrestling. He was forced to do "King Kong" (1962). The movie became hit and Indian cinema got its legend.

Sports, world championship, successful movie careers wasn't all that the legend has. there was a successful sting in TV that followed.  He often reminded me of my nanaji esp when he don that particular outfit- kurta, pajama(or dhoti) and the Pagdi. I always wished to have a grandfather like him. Strong, affable, herculean et all.  Oh, one of my favorite personalities on screen, Rest in peace.

Trivia : Dara Singh never did any negative role in fims/ TV ever. 

Here's some tributary images & glimpse of his latest ads on television 
Source: Youtube

Source: Minimal Posters

Source: Amul

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