First 3 words Haiku for The Mag

July 17, 2012 , , 24 Comments

This Haiga (haiku on picture) is written for-

1. Three words Wednesday Prompt words- Differ, Halt & Imagine
2. Haiku Heights 153: Prompt word- First
3. The Mag 126 Prompt is beautiful image below by Jack Vettriano


pearls halt on my glass
first imagine then differ
if my haiku defy syllables


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  1. Very well written and a nice reply also.

    1. Thanks SG...still there's some problem :)

    2. I like where you went with this!

    3. Thanks Karen, But where did I go? :)

  2. It does certainly defy syllables in the last line.. becomes 9..

    1. How come? PL explain...for me it is still 7 only.

    2. pearls on my glass (5)
      first im-a-gine then diff-er (7)
      if my hai-ku de-fy syll-a-bles (9)

      syllable = pronunciation sound :)

    3. Thanks Leo, I still couldn't get it. Ain't it about the pronunciation of the sound of vowels? i.e.

      if (1 for i)
      ha-i-ku (3 a, i & u)
      defy (1 for e)
      sylla-ble-s ( 2 a,e)

      Pl help me understand better

    4. Hey, I agree with Leo...the last line had 9 syllables. Here's how

      if - 1
      my - 1
      hai- 1
      ku -1
      de - 1
      fy - 1
      Sy - 1
      lla - 1
      ble - 1

      wherever you can pick the sound of a vowel, that's a syllable. Hope this helped!

      But nice merge of all the prompts. :)

    5. Now that I see your comment, I believe, you are taking the count of vowels as syllables... but it's not so, my friend.

      if[1 for i]
      my[1 for the sound I in my]
      haiku[1 for the sound I in hai and 1 for oo in ku]

      Hope this explained better. :)

    6. Also, Leo, this haiku has the set of 4, 7, 9.

      pearls on my glass* has 4 syllables. But great that you caught the mismatch in syllables.. I couldn't do that. :)

    7. Leo and Vaishali,

      Ekta did not write "pearls on my glass". She wrote "pearls halt on my glass". That makes 5 syllables.

    8. Thanks Vaishali,

      It indeed helps :)

    9. Thanks SG for helping me. Also, for enabling my knowledge and encouragement to write more haiku :)

  3. Read your post again. Here is my comment in "Haiku"

    Your Haiku is good
    Don’t care about anything
    You write well Ekta

    Hope this complies with the 5-7-5 rule.

    1. Thanks SG,

      Really appreciate your support. The idea is to learn haiku and learn it well...Your mail was indeed helpful...keep ur comments n suggestions pouring :)

  4. haiku..baapre..kuch nahi samja ji r u doing ektaji? n thanks..

    1. Haiku is a form of poetry, a very short form of expression essentially revolves around nature and its beauty.

      It has a format using syllables i.e 5-7-5

      One has to express everything is those 3 lines only.

      Try, you may like it :)

  5. Dear SG, LEO & Vaishali

    Wow guys, I am loving it. Your comments not just enable a better understanding of this format but also encourage me even more to write new haikus.

    Thanks so much friends...

    BTW< I intend to write this as haiga. Any such rule for Haiga too?

  6. first two lines really great, you'l just get better with more haiku you write, cheers!

    1. Thanks a ton! Do keep visiting and let me know if my next haiku meets expectation or not? :)

  7. OK. Lots of action here :) LOL. Welcome. I guess Vaishali said it right.

    SG: I missed typing the word when I rewrote it in comment. but I'd mentioned as 5 in the bracket. :) sorry.

    1. If u are gonna come to Bangalore for the Indimeet, perhaps, we can discuss syllables. (LOL) :D

    2. Sure leo :)

      Though my chances are fade but I will keep in mind :)

      SG, Vaishali and yourself are just helping me to be a better haiku writer and I so much love that :)

      Thank You guys. Be there for me always :)


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