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May 21, 2013 14 Comments

Times are changing and along with it changing is the way we used to live. Ever since human being's big evolution from a neanderthal man to Homosapien happened, the brain and the body has gone through numerous change and development. Gone are the days when people would lose a precious life from a fit of cholera to incessant TB coughing. Today's men had gone to moon, swam the English channel and conquered north and south poles.

Along with technology too have traveled the distances it never heard of and came back victorious. And it is not just limited to rare few but many people who braved the big health battles of their lives, today live comfortably due to the support the modern healthcare has provided to them. More we talk about it, is less. Who has ever thought that there would be a vaccine called penicillin or a CT scan through which it can read inside a person' brain? The X ray goes deep inside your skin and diagnose each and every bone in the body.

There are many ways technology has touched our lives. Like a mother nature, it has spread its arms to the needy, seen their bruises and healed them as well. Here's few live example of modern healthcare technology and it's Midas touch-

  • A young couple was struggling for years to have a baby. After 6 years of relentless pursue and chasing 1000 doctors, temples etc they discovered IVF- In-Vitro Fertilization. Today they are parents of a heart and healthy child. Thanks to Infertility care.
  • 80 year old Bheema couldn't walk more than 3 steps a time. Old age has consumed his knees and he was confined to bed. Post a successful knee operation surgery, he not only walks unaided but also goes and participate every year in senior citizen's short marathon.
  • Martha a 70 year old lady has lost her eye sight completely. She struggled everyday to enjoy basic joys of life like seeing a child play, a bird fly, a flower bloom. Her life was a living gloom till one day her son learnt about the boon called laser eye treatment. He without wasting a minute took Martha to the nearest specialist center and in few days Martha was able to see again.
  • Cosmetic surgery- We all have heard about the famous "Pinky smile" and also many cases where people who were born with certain deformity are then transformed via cosmetic surgery to not just normal looking but the specialization has also made the beautiful look even prettier. So you have a scar that bad accident left you? A birthmark right on face? Want to go for nose correction? Cosmetic surgery is the answer for same.
  • Organ transplantation has saved many a lives and it indeed a magic of the modern healthcare that takes an organ from the body of a person and transplant it to another needy person. Leave alone the malpractices, let us concentrate on the scope and possibility. Do you not think the idea is a sheer brilliance in self? If you do not, ask Mr. Kale who recently got a new lease of life from heart transplantation.
  • Bone Marrow Transplant- there are so many forms of cancer that we even do not know how to pronounce, affecting the mild bodies of new born, adults and elderly. Using a bone marrow either from one' own or a matching donor, a life could be saved easily. Khusbu, the little angelic girl, was diagnosed with Leukemia and was given hope on her life. It is then she found a savior in her brother who helped her with his bone marrow. She is a an active girl and plays badminton.
  • Medical tourism- The boon of modern healthcare is not just limited to a certain geography. People travel across the world to meet/ visit specialist for treating their ailments. Sakina, one such girl who traveled seven seas to get a better prosthesis in USA. The robotic leg that she is using now makes her live independently  Though nothing can replace the original leg but her life has been improved so much and embossed with better hopes with her new leg.
  • Remember the girl who was thrown out from train while fighting the snatchers, she has recently climbed a tall mountain with help of her friend- the modern healthcare. Her determination was well supported by the medical boon.

Indeed, the medical boom has touched many lives and will continue to do so. However a very important question emerges- for who all? The answer clearly is- those who can afford it. The best use of technology in my view is it's power to reach the lowest possible strata in the society. Today it is available to only few blessed but am sure time will come when it will reach to all the needy people and live through it's concept. Big names in hospital like Apollo and others could be the forerunners and prove to world that privatization has many pluss-es than trivial few minus points.

I remember the loss of my grandfather who was a very young, handsome and affluent person in the town. He went out for a visit and came back. On his return he just vomited and before anyone know, he was gone. Cholera has consumed him. Those days Cholera was another deadly disease which has consumed many a lives. Today medical system has advanced so much that a person who is almost declared dead had survived through revival system.

Modern healthcare has not just reduced mortality rate in humans but have also made the existing life comfortable. One of the biggest blessing that I see today is a life is saved cause we are able to diagnose the ailment and treat immediately. Gone are the days when people lost their near and dear ones without any explanations. The deadly TB is so curable these days. No child has to suffer polio as the anti polio medicines are available at every nook and corner of Indian geography.

Technology has indeed touched human lives in ways more than one and made the living on this planet, a better living. 

Do visit Apollo Hospitals website for more details on the cutting edge technology as provided by them here-

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  1. Anonymous21 May

    Indeed times hav changed and modern healthcare has been a boon to humanity diminishing the mortality rate and making life easire.nice post.
    best of luck for the contest :)

  2. All the best for the contest. Nice contribution !


  3. you should mention there fat bills also,modern healthcare needs abundance of money

    1. Lolz...agree...fat bills that saves human lives only to kill with debt later.

  4. Anonymous22 May

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  5. Modern healthcare system has reduced mortality rate significantly...... Modern healthcare is a boon indeed.... The population explosion is also related to this reduced mortality rate.... Best of luck for the contest.....

  6. Gud informative stuff.....tumko wo lg de sakte hain prize....apollo wud be mighty pleased

    1. Lolz...Thanks...I am not sure...Would however love to win the ipad! :)


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