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May 15, 2013 14 Comments

"You are beautiful"! I hummed the legendary song as I saw a new chirpy actress gyrating to a popular no on TV. It was a song from Hindi movie Cocktail where gorgeous debutante actress Diana Penty was strutting on the song- Tum hi bandhu, sakha tum hi....

As she jumped on dance steps, her silky, hair flowed across the frame. Wish I had hair as beautiful like her, I thought and turned down on the table to pick an invite from a friend. 

Avante Garde Org
invites you to 

If looks could kill!!!

On Monday 10th May
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Kolkata

It was fashion show organized by my friends at Avante Garde Omnimedia to bring forth the launch of a brand new saloon- Eye catchers in the city. I have attended the prep sessions of this much promising event in the town and couldn't wait to see the event unfold.

To make the most of it, my friend Samir promised me for a pre event saloon treatment for my hairs. I was kicked about it and shortlisted few hair styles for the event including my dress for the occasion. Unfortunately due to time constraint, I have to skip the session. Now one of the biggest question that I have to face was- what to do with my hairs? The eternal question that am sure every girl, every women has to face while dressing up for that special occasion. In absence of any alternative, I decided to tuck up my freshly washed  
(I washed my hair that morning with new Tresemme) hair in a semi bun with a long Chinese pin.

The idea didn't worked as my hairs smooth after the wash kept on coming off the clip looking unkempt. I dropped the idea of bun and let it kept open. I was un sure of keeping it open as after wash, my hair takes atleast 24hrs time to come back in shape and accentuate the cut. To my surprise, it was looking even more manageable, accentuating every little layer it was snipped in to. With a little help of dryer, I was raring to go. 

The event hosted at lavish Grand Hyatt was a roaring success and fashion show was amazing. All the models looked superb and splendid. 

I received numerous compliments and queries for my hair. Some guests thought that being from organizer's side, I would have got some preferential saloon treatment but they were surprised to know that it was just shampoo+ conditioner and some handiwork of a hair dryer!

My Ramp Ready hair with Tresmme

How to get my 1-2-3 Tresmme Ramp ready Hair-

Wash your hair with Tresmme anti frizz shampoo and allow it to dry naturally.
1.While your hairs are  70% dried, bend your head down and turn ur hairs down. Using fingers of your hands, untangle semi dried hairs and then push them back.
2. Now turn your head right side down, shifting all ur hairs to right hand side. With the help of your fingers, roll your hairs towards right. Do it for a minute. Repeat this process by turning your head towards the left side.
3. Repeat the left and right process for 2-3 times and you are done.

Divide your hairs in two portions- from front and top back. Take the hairs at top back and form in a small fountain like pony from middle and if required blow dry it for a minute to create volume. When your hairs are completely dried, starting from right side of forehead, part your hairs in a zig-zag way. Your hairs are ramp ready!

This simple yet gorgeous looking hair style is best suited for hairs with step cut or layers cut.

When your hair look so beautiful, why need artificial accessory?
The best part is that it goes well with all kind of attires.

For more cool hair style. Do visit, Tresmme' Youtube channel here-

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  1. simple and well written post,,
    all the best for the contest

    1. Thanks DGDHAN...I lost the contest but nevertheless glad that you liked it.

  2. you looking great, Ekta.. lovely post. all the best. :)

  3. That's a great way, using no heat :)
    good one :)

  4. Good luck with the contest...a very well written piece!

  5. I really do not have exposure to such things, but you deserve a thumbs up for this post..!!!

  6. Good one........ My best wishes for the contest.........

  7. Very well described...simple and effective.

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