The Art of God

August 12, 2014 , 4 Comments

He stood there for hours
watching, depicting, trying to understand the picture
A long thought
a deep breath of sigh
on the conjuncture

It is symbolic for sure
but what is the metaphor
He tilted his head from different angles
in his attempt to decipher

A picture tells a thousand stories
this picture has multiple gestures
what is the story should I consider
The viewer stood there and wonder

The picture was black and white
A red line bordered the sight
It suggested many a gesture
Is it love or mayhem
a riot of human cluster

Human! yes it is!
Human, he muster
A picture worth the 1000 words
and all of them are talking aloud
he is astound
by the creation,
the artist's imagination

He nudged his standby perception
and decoded
the picture is all about "Human bondage"
It is relation that binds us all
whether relation with self
or with God.

Human engages human
with love and dedication
and sets it free
and they rise above the motley
what demons what angels
love indeed conquer

Oh no, there is another tweak
another side to the story
another story to the picture
another metaphor that I decipher

between the earth and sky
dawning from mob fury
to acquiring wings to fly
it is God that lifts us up
and still we fight in name of religion

Instead, let us have some grace
hold each other's hands, embrace
Let's engage with the whole human race!
before we turn completely a selfish caricature
of our own misdemeanor
Rise above mortal, Oh Human creature

this is what I could understand from the above Picture!

This on spot, no edit poem is created basis the picture prompt given by The magpie tale.
Do let me know your view/ feedback on the same.

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The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Had difficulty finding your work, Ekta
    So I imagine others might as well.
    I think this link would work better:

    Such a lot you got from the picture and I agree with so much of your conclusions.
    Great poem ~ Eddie

    Clouds and Silvery Linings

    1. Oh Eddie, That's a great feedback n help! I checked the link and posted the new one there with "rectified" remark. Thank u for highlighting this. Thank you for liking my post :)

    2. That's OK Ekta.
      For future posts if you copy the actual post URL into the Magpie address box then it will work every time. Have a great day ~ Eddie

    3. You too have a great day ahead :)


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