Film Preview- Talvar, another take on Ayushi Murder Case- Must Watch

October 01, 2015 , 3 Comments

Films are a quintessential part of our lives. We love, love and laugh with them. They not just entertain us but often help us see different perspectives. 

For often, what we see, may not be true. However, sometimes it is important to explore perspectives that are not visible yet exists, voices that are not heard but important to know and feel emotions that may not belong to us but touch our hearts.

One such perspective is promised to offered in the upcoming film- Talvar.

Talvar is a different take of perspective on the in-famous Ayushi Talvar Case. Ayushi, a young girl who was gone just too early. 

Ayushi murder/death case had rocked the media and people alike. It was a heartbreaking incident, surrounded with mystery, agony and numerous speculations. So much that critically acclaimed director- Bosky Gulzar, daughter of legendary film writer- Gulzar and yesteryear Actress Rakhi, and who is known for making strong, women oriented films took upon this subject and made- Talvar the Film. When we were invited to watch the exclusive preview of the soon to be released movie- Talvar, we couldn't resist to watch. Here's what our friend and film critic, B Ghosh has to tell about it. No spoilers alert ahead!

Talvar, the Film and a little insight
Talvar, is not yet another story regarding Arushi murder case. It is also India's one of the famous and unsolved murder mystery. The beginning of this year saw the release of 'Rahasya' directed and written Manish Gupta, again based on the same story. The film was though well-made, but it didn't work out at the box office, critics notwithstanding. While Rahasya was more of a claimed fiction and shown a different perspective, Talvar is altogether a different perspective and worth watching.

Talvar stars Irrfan Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Neeraj Kabi and Sohum Saha in lead roles. Irrfan and Konkona as usual has done a fabulous work. Irrfan proves again that he is a class of an actor, an on screen delight and holds the movie till the end. The other actors including the supporting cast have done a fabulous job as well. The director Meghana Gulzar [Bosky] has done a wonderful job, showcasing a real plot with a different angle. For we knew about the different opinions and notions surrounding around this "famous unsolved case". When we entered the screening room, we went with a different perspective but post the film screening, we got to know something beyond the visible reality. It also explores little workings inside the Indian intelligence agencies and their investigations. The movie also touches matters of internal politics, success and fame, and much more that would appeal to your thinking hats.

You may find the first half of the movie too normal or little slow. However, the second half is quite gripping and nail biting. The most amazing part is that it will leave you thinking, even when you are leaving the theater - If that, what actually may have happened? Was it real and actually has happened? and much more. You will be shocked of our police and investigation system, what they have done in this case. 

Verdict- Talvar goes on to depict how office politics, professional rivalries and media coverage can influence the course of justice. Talvar is the movie to be watched by everyone [class and mass]. Especially those who have been following this case from years and have an eye for seeing things from a different angle. If you have skipped following this case or never heard of it, it offers as an interesting murder mystery. I am wishing all the very best for team Talvar. I hope public will do justice with this movie as well.

The movie releases on 2nd October. Do go ahead and book yourself a seat. 
You can watch the Trailer here-


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  1. does the movie give any answers? I read the book by Avirook and it seemed to saying that the parents are not guilty, I am wondering if that is possible to say in a film or a book when the case is yet unsolved.

  2. I am a huge fan of Meghna's earlier work and want to read the book. However, I am quite wary of films based on the real life story of Arushi and not very sure that truth would be told since we don't have all facts at hands. Hope the maker put things into perspective.

  3. I haven't got a chance to watch it, but am really looking forward to it.


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