The Thematic Apperception

Often I would find
faces in places
Pictures in traces
form in gibberish
and stories in spilled ink.

I would play with shadows
or the wet mud in meadows
or mere splashes of water on tile

While I ran my imaginations wild
I often dismissed it thinking futile
until education that dawn this upon me

Drawing meanings from enigmatic descriptions
deciphering images from spontaneous perceptions
I came a long way
in the way I saw things.

it was not my wild meanderings
and I was pleased to learn more about scribbling[s]
psychologically they connected

The creative interpretations
were scientifically named
Thematic Apperception

you can make them run through
adults and child
let their imaginations run
discover the psychometric fun
of perceiving that goes behind
a developing and developed mind.


I have written this pen to finish within 10 minutes poem basis the picture prompt given by the beautiful magpie tales, and off course my own imagination that sew the words string. Do take a movement to read it. Oh yes, I am working of thematic apperception or paper blot study, ever since and, would be happy to help :)

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. I think that somehow when you manage to do it quickly you get something raw and needy.. for me list-poetry works perfect, just use a word and work with whatever wild associations that comes from the word...

    1. That's interesting.. I used "toma" here.. The first thing that came to my mind, I scribbled it and went on smooth :)

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this! 10 minutes-wow!

    1. Aww thank you Bekkie.. After a long time, I too liked writing this one.

  3. Mud is the best creative fodder...

  4. You have attempted something different, and it turned out wonderfully good ... loved it :-)


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