The Nudity Behind Our Garbs

February 29, 2016 8 Comments

She stripped her off her pride,
hanging her vanity aside.
and stood naked in presumption,
holding a pallette for your self assumption[s].

"Go color me the way you want
Paint me the color of your rant.
Who am I does not matter
Identity and Reality
evades your natter
Truth is not your concern.
stripping off is your sojourn.

Why read my face
or know my emotion?
Breed your judgement on gossiping suggestions"
You violated the soul
and stripped her off

as she was not another human
but an object of your
internecine chatter.

Oh she smiled,
"she must be easy"!
Oh she frowned-
"so much negativity".
You lisp, you limp
they laugh they wink.
brutual connotataions
have no life bearings.

painting by Cesar Santos

One thing is I may request
Color me purple, 
color me red.
Color me Green, white or cream
but do not color me filth, nasty or 
your immature colored whim!

Prejudices is a common diesease in the society. No matter the education, but every one, everyone is filled with their own prejudices. You are white, you are black. The gossip mongers do not stop. Strange it is, that we all wear cloths to hide our nudity. We all chase labels to define our modernity. However, when it comes to someone else, we all stand like vultures to garb them off. Not differentiating between human and onion, we try to peel them off layer by layer. Little do we realize, that we do not see things as they are. We see things, as "we" are.

Our castellated opinion dwells in ivort towers, and we brutually let them lead our mind, heart and conscience.


I have written it as not just as a response to Magpie's Picture Prompt or for three word Wednesday. It also has bearings to my expereinces and thoughts wherein I have seen people indulging in hateful activities to put someone down and hide their own nudity behind other's mutiliated garb. You may marvel at the very ease people use to judge others and pull them down. It is simple, simpler than problem solving. However, it is unyielding. We all are nude behind our garbs.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. nice lines ekta u draw that naked girl??

    1. No, it is a painting by Caesar Santos

  2. First line may need a correction for repetitive words

    1. Thanks Abhi..Noted. But I would let it be that way for "abhi ke liye" to create the sound effect that I intended :)

  3. "do not color me filth, nasty, or your immature colored whim."
    Thank you for such wonderful words of wisdom!

  4. This is a work of art. This is a masterpiece !

  5. It's power and revolutionary, Ekta!! Brain storming piece that many of us should reflect upon.


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