Oh Deer! [Preserve Wildlife]

photo by Tom Chambers
Her Forefathers hunted for pride,
taking wildlife for a ride.

They shot the big game with guns
rather than roses.
Ruined the forests
for their sports
thrill and adventure doses.

She took the guilt in her stride,
disgusted their decision, condemned and deride.
to put an end to this family affair,
she brought home a homeless deer
patted on his back, to pacify and confide
that she is on his side.

She let him loose in the house.
allowed him to roam around.
Kept his food on their table
and asked him to graze abound.

She sat as a spectator at corner
to see her father's rage
on the wildlife creature encroaching his space
like humans have always done
intruding, impinging the scarce animal-dome

she wanted to set up a lesson
for her father and
his hunter friend.

She wants to be the new generation
of compassionate, empathetic
and sensible human
who will stand up against cruelty towards animals,
valuing wildlife, inculcating kindness
bringing more glory to the human race
and put an end
to deforestation
and hunting games,
objectives whatsoever.

Preserve wildlife, Encourage Inclusive Living.


Prompts: picture by magpie
Three Words Wednesday- Rage, Pacify, Scarce

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Very inspiring.. well written.. and relevant to the current times..you should share it in wider forums

  2. She taught her father a lesson I hope he won't forget! A good poem for Earth Day!

  3. Blue ribbon for you! Excellent!


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