Modern Day Medusa

April 18, 2016 11 Comments

She looked pretty nevertheless
what with those bird feather
and gypsy braids.
the brown sash,
the loop Crawford.
The tribal couture
beads, sequins, and tassels.
Need to experiment with kitsch.

I wear my sexuality
right up my sleeves.
Fashion is mere a statement,

I am a modern day Medusa.
I like to play radical and cool.
to look like part of your crowd.
to be your fashion entourage crew

You may look and wonder
if fashion is a state of mind,
an art of looking pretty
or if fashion
is forced upon you.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. I think there is none that knows if fashion is a choice.. maybe we like to believe it's not decided somewhere above our heads

  2. Your modern day Medusua sounds like a very self-assured persona, a person who creates her own fashion statement.

  3. I think we tend to dress ourselves in our personality, even when it,s in hiding. I don't think you are hiding, well done.

  4. When you stop wearing what is necessary to keep you cool or warm, thats when fashion takes you into "what's wearing now"

    Have a nice Monday

    Much love...

  5. I love the bird feather and gypsy kind of cool!

  6. Love the concept of the modern day Medusa. Excellent details. :)

  7. This is beaded, sequined, tasseled to perfection.

  8. Sounds like you are radically you, wherever you are. A rooted moment of self awareness. Thanks so much for writing for the prompt!

  9. I love the abstract elements of this and the precise description - you seem fascinating, like the Medusa.

  10. Ah but we know what happens if they turn to look.

  11. Interesting! How much are we shaped, even when we don't think or notice that we are?


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