Dear Zindagi, Come Let Us Hug

November 12, 2016 4 Comments

Dear Zindagi,

When I first opened my eyes, I found you on my plate. You were sweet, nurturing and full of motherly love... You cuddled me in your arms, kissed my forehead and sang me a sweet lullaby. Together we saw, we lived some beautiful, unspoken dreams, in your tender bosom.

As the days progressed, I crawled my way, a little away from your protective arms. Instead of fuming on me, you swapped your role from being a parent to stood by my side as a friend. As I grew old as a teen, you were not just the curiosity I had but you became my answers too. My dreams were taking wings and were setting me for a journey ahead. I Probably, I was little too immodest to lean back on your sweet embrace.

However, I still remember seeing you at my side, quiet and watchful. Like that guiding star.

I soon started running you were my beloved, who loved me unconditionally, forever on my beck and call. I may have grown outside of your lap but it never left me even in my moment of unawareness. Often in the enterprise of my life, I found my moment of love by resting my heads on your lap and like a sweet beloved you have caressed my hair and sweet me dearly.

Sometimes you admonished me too, like that concerned teacher who keeps progress of their disciples and reinforces corrective action when they see us dwindling. I found you in my platter as that spicy curry which is flavorful but gives enough heat when not consumed in moderation.

Zindagi, you are a bundle of contradictions. Contradictions that makes my life, a versatile platter. It makes me hungry and seeking for more. Every time I think that I have figured you out, you take me by a surprise and make you depth felt. I still have to learn a lot about you.

Dear Zindagi, I have walked a long way since being born in your arms, to resting in your lap to setting my sail away from you without realising that you were the home that I have always returned to. Yes, you were my home that I actually never left. I may have forgotten you in some momentarily gain of reasons, but you have actually never left my hands. You still have it cuffed in your sweet encumbrance and whether you accept it or not, I have seen you smiling while I was sleeping. You were my mother, my friend, a sister, my beloved and that grandma with a bagful of interesting tales. Tales of love, wisdom, life and all. 

We will continue to walk, with hands in hands, though. But it is the time that we must pause for a moment and hug each other. Let's stop for a break that we never asked. Let us sit together again, look at each other eye-in-eye and smile without any reason.

Let us not waste this moment, this opportunity to cradle each other, snuggle and fall in love, all over, once again. 

Waiting for your hug.
Yours Truly,

Do check out this video, am sure it will tell you something :)

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  1. Wonderfully weaved as usual. Beautiful letter Ekta.

  2. May Zindagi give u all smiles :)
    God bless

  3. Hugs to you and my zindagi as well


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