Three Words, Two Takes ;)

November 02, 2016 6 Comments

Ok so when Three Words Wednesday and not life, gives you three words, you may not think for a minute and come up with two different takes. You see how number focussed I am? After 12 years of number crunching as a business analyst, the trait could be seen in my poetry, if only you could call them that. If you do not want to, there should be a better word, and mind you- pleasing as well ;)

Calculate | Dire | Erratic

Take 1
[Give it a suitable title]

She calculated all the risks,
all dire consequences
she could be,
When life takes that erratic action.
Who said that Planning is not a woman's poison?


Take 2
[Give it a suitable title too, it is a two]

She Calculated all the Calories
all probable dire cooking tactics
Yet picked up that deep fried snack
Savoured it greedily, finishing with a loud smack
Street food is erotic
Perfect for Erratic binges!


Hey all, hope you will like my one-minute poetry created with 3 different words, in 2 different perspectives. Do let me know which one was your favorite :)

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. I hadn't thought of street food as erotic...I must try more of it then!

    1. Oh, some of them are complete #Foodgasm.. Do try esp the Indian Variety :)

  2. Very creative!

    Titles? Umm...The Winding Path for the first one. And, Care for Calories? for the second one. What do you think?

  3. Amazing words with dollop of mischief. I love how you stroke imagination of readers and touching souls, Ekta:)


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