eTouch Term Insurance plan & B-Fit App by Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

January 05, 2017 , 1 Comments

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd, a JV between Bajaj Finserv Limited and AllianzSE, is one of the leading private insurers.

The company held up special bloggers meet to announce their new Term Insurance Plan and a Fitness app. I was invited by the company to explore in-depth details of their Term Insurance plan from their category leaders in a close-knit group discussion. The event was held at St Regis, Mumbai.

It was an interesting and engaging session that started with some #IfsOfLife Moments and a humorous take on them. Well, humour is important to deal with the tough situations of life mentally. A good financial planning and risk mitigation can help you deal with them well financially too.

Bajaj Allianz Life’s eTouch plan aims to be one such plan that may not avert the harsh IFs of life but is certainly focused on helping you combat with few of them including death, disability and diseases via financial leverage.

Just in case, if you are the one who still wonders about the significance of Insurance in life, you may like to read my previous blog post “Why do we need Insurance”.

Before we move on to discuss some of the salient features of the “eTouch” plan, here are few more details about the company that you may like to know-

  1. It is the top non-bank promoted life insurance company in India
  2. One of the most profitable Life Insurance Company with 795% Solvency rate against the minimum prescribed solvency ratio of 150%
  3.  Asset under management over Rs 44,107 crores with shareholder’s growth rate of 5% [FY2016]
  4. Winner of many prestigious awards including Inkspell Drivers of Digital Awards for best e-commerce website

About Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch Online Term and Health Cover Plan
It is a regular premium payment, pure term and health cover plan. It provides comprehensive protection with the option to cover total disability, accidental death, critical illnesses and death other than suicide.

Some of the key advantages of this plan are-

1            It covers 34 critical illnesses
2            Competitive premium rates
3            Inbuilt waiver of premium benefits
4            Provides option to receive policy proceeds in different ways as in-
a.          100% as lump sum
b.         100% as level monthly instalment OR 100% as increasing monthly instalment
c.          50% of a lump sum and remaining in level monthly instalment
d.         50% as lump sum and remaining in increasing monthly instalment
5            Lower premium for non-smokers or non-tobacco users
6            Maximum age at maturity 75 years

Target Group
It is open to all

Online assistance: Since all the Term Insurance plans are online these days, the user/buyer need to opt and operate for this plan online. To ensure a smooth transition, the company provides complete online assistance via Tele calling and online chat on their website. All you need to do is to register there and chose your mode of assistance. More about etouch at: Link

High Claim Settlement Record: The high solvency ratio of the company fuels its Claim Settlement Record or CSR. It is one of the best in the industry with 8 days as turnaround time.

The discussion was going strong when the company representative asked bloggers to talk about their fitness feat. The discussion grew dense with few bloggers taking up a plank challenge and talking about the fitness app that they currently use. This lead to the introduction of another milestone product by Bajaj Allianz B-FIT App

The mobile app focusses on your health and fitness level. You can set your goals of losing, gaining or maintaining your weight and the app facilitates it with a daily challenge to complete. The app is designed to automatically track all your activities and rewards you with a vantage point for achieving your target.  

The Ifs of life does not cease from surprising us. Carrying a weight of the Ifs that you may or may not have control is not advisable. With a healthy lifestyle, you also need a supporting plan to protect your financial insurgencies. If you are looking for an Insurance policy, do check out the new eTouch plan by Bajaj Allianz.

If you are not looking for insurance, you should start weighing it now.

Healthy Living, Happy Living

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  1. I have been reading your blog since 2008. You had even once remarked that your blog is not complete without my comment. So I will continue to read and comment if I have something to comment.

    This plan looks good in paper.


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