Of National Award, Akshay Kumar & Other Deserving Actors

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National Award is the new Filmfare

I, like half of the nation, laughed on it Misconstruing it as an April Fools' Joke. It was not an April Fool Joke but actually making an April Fool of National awards.

Now before you list me as a Non-Akshay Kumar fan or some fancy hater words, let me tell you, I like the actor a lot. But Rustom? 

The jury apparently was great, cheerful [read prank] mood that before you could digest this news, another merit hits your ears like a sizzling lava- Sonam Kapoor winning the Best Actress National Award for Neerja. A film with such a sensitive topic, a strong storyline was already taken quite some notches low by Sonam Kapoor's "I am a Fashion Diva who Giggles and oomph Vogue" portrayal. No, I am not meaning to say that she is a bad actor or acted badly in the film but the role was a far cry for an honour like this.

Priyadarshan and the other jury members, you gave me a very Filmfare wali feeling where the awards and nominations as obvious as Bun-Maska in Mumbai. Besides, it wasn't a Friendship or Redemption Day, Mr Priyadarshan that you tried to offset Mr Kumar's contribution for acting in your senseless films like- Garam Masala.

Why I Don't See Rustom as an Award winning Performance by Akshay Kumar
I have seen Rustom, almost twice. In spite of my fondness for the actor, I beg to differ that although, he had a serious role in the film but not as meritorious as his previous performances like- Special 26 or Baby or even Gabbar. 

I do not know the real story of Rustom Pavri on whom this film was made. However, the film Rustom was Bollywood's usual "larger than life" heroic story where all that the actor had to do was to be Poker-faced and muggle serious dialogues and look strong [read heroic]. 

He indeed did well. However, there were many other better deserving contenders including Irrfan Khan in Madaari and Aamir Khan in Dangal.

Why Irrfan Khan deserved it For Madaari
A few days back, while I was travelling in Sikkim, I took a brief halt to freshen up and rush to my next destination. Madaari was playing on TV and I happened to glance a scene where Irrfan Khan was handling a bottle of water to a child in a Railway cabin. The movie and the performance were so gripping that I let go of all my plans and stay glued to the television until the end of the film. The film, the actors [including Jimmy Shergill] and their performances were so gripping, realistic and noteworthy.

Talking about the best actress award, it takes gut for a young, highly popular and sought after actress like Alia Bhatt to take the road less trodden, go de-glam and act her role in a film like Udta Punjab. and then there was a gem of a performance by Radhika Apte in Parched.

I was further amused when I read a statement of Priyadarshan alleging that why people are questioning him, when no one questioned Ramesh Sippy when Amitabh Bachchan got Best Actor for Piku.

Tsch, if only India could rise above Cliches, Monotony and Red Tapism.

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