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You indeed do not follow me on Facebook? If you follow me you would have known what I have written and yet not revealed post my special screening of the movie. Now since this movie is officially launched, I can talk with more ease, telling you lot more yet not spoiling it for you.

I am not a huge superhero fan but Spiderman is an exception. So what, If I watched his animations on Doordarshan's Sunday evening treats for kids. I remember nothing of it including the name of the villains except two. Oh yes, I remotely remember two villains that are Dr. Octopus and Venom. After watching this film- its vulture. Well, that is not the point here. The point here is my un-review of the newly released Spiderman the homecoming movie.

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Talking about the film, it is a light-hearted, sweet and well-executed movie film. This movie is not about the Spiderman fighting to save the world from the power hungry villain but more about stitching the high school drama, Avengers story and "do not kid me up" spiderman's story.

This movie is not the story of spiderman's origin but Peter Parker is already a Spiderman in this movie having a Tony Stark Scholarship.

Peter Parker is our 14 err 15-year-old student who is not as fast as his bully school mate Flash Thomson but way too accurate as a meritorious student who disappears from crucial scenes to play Spiderman. He stays with his Hot Italian Aunt Mrs. Parker and crawls at his apartment late in the night only to find an alibi in his high school classmate, a nerdy Ned. Ned is another sweet little character and grows on you once the track progresses.

Now Peter is just a student and that too an American high school student so it is very natural for him to fall in love with his high school class fellow- Liz, a very high school sexy hottie girl.

Peter is a student, spider-man and a wannabe avenger, He is often not taken seriously by our mighty Ironmen and his man Friday- Happy Hogan, until the climax approaches which is how so but obvious.

The movie has some cool VFX and almost incorrigible action sequences defying the law of Sciences, gravity, and logic too. Maybe visualized by an artist who probably got hit with a pineapple than an apple on his head. think big and majestic and voila VFX. Watch out for the ATM robbery scene. The pre-climax fight scene between Toomes and Spiderman gets way too dramatic and superheroic that you start looking for a coffee. 

Nevertheless,The movie has a good deal of engaging hilarious moment including- Peter's rendezvous with stark in the latter's car, how Spiderman spends his time helping people on street to rescue the lost bicycle, catching a probable car thief and helping a lady with directions who buys him churros and all those sweet goofy acts.

The cinematography is beautiful and 3d experience is good except for places where you can make out they are model units and not the landscape.

Some of my favorite scenes include- Peter's discovery of the Tommes gang and the chase scene that followed. He gets rescued by the Ironman suit controlled by Ironmen over wifi. wherein the Ironman was holidaying away at an Indian wedding. Forget Spiderman, the wifi is such a superhero here.

Another favorite scene included spiderman's attempt to save the robbery from the masked avengers, his tete a tete with his special suit who will give Siri a run for intelligence and clarity. If you are wondering who is the voice behind the suit lady Karen, it is Jennifer Connelly wife of Paul Bettany who has given voiceover for Ironmen's suit. Quite a trivia that is! Talking about Trivia, it is the 8th time when Robert Downey Jr is playing the Ironmen.

Talking about performances- Tom Holland nails it as Peter Parker. And there is a very generous Birdman Michael Keaton playing the Vulture, the very suave Robert Downey Jr, a just right John Favreau [Dude, they are making Chef in Hindi starring Saif Ali Khan and  I want to watch that], a well-supporting cameo in Ned, a funny bully Flash Thomson played by and a "I give a fuck but still care" MJ [hinting towards Mary Jane].

Ah! there is a bonus appearance by Stan Lee in a "pop a corn and you may miss it" role. but it is still heartwarming to see him on screen.

 #TheHomecoming is indeed a fun watch. The movie may be is filled with American cliches but the overall execution, the pulsating action makes it a great watch.

If you have watched Captain America- Civil wars, then you can pick the few references from there wherein Spiderman supported Tony stark's team to stop the other Avengers and stitch the story.

Oh yes, do not miss the closing credits that give you a hint of the upcoming #TheSinisterSix wherein Toomes talk to Gargan and still not giving away about Spiderman.

Overall, it is a long review but the movie is a good watch! Go for it.

If I have to give it stars, I will generously give it 4.5 out of 5.

My Vlog is under editing and will be up soon!

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