Keep the Markets at your Fingertips with Angel Broking's ARQ tool

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Keep the Markets at your Fingertips with Angel Broking's ARQ tool, which continues to out-perform the Indices.

In the current hyper-competitive era which has seen quite a few brokers / sub-brokers going belly-up due to reduced/capped margins, dwindling retail investor interest and tighter regulations, Angel  Broking has stood out and not only has been able to sustain its business but has been able to grow its business and grow leaps & bounds. 

Brief about the Angel Broking current scale and size:

Angel Broking Group provides its value-added services to over 1 million individual retail investors through its nationwide network of 132 branches, including 17 regional hubs 9000+ registered sub-brokers/business associates and all India employee strength of 3500+. Angel Broking has one of the largest trading terminal bases (16,308 terminals) in the country, and the largest sub-broker network on the NSE, clocking one of the largest volumes in the industry.

What makes Angel Broking a preferred choice of the consumers:
In addition to its scale and reach, Angel Broking has grown on account of its sheer focus on ensuring the best returns for the investors. In its zeal to maximize the returns to the Investors, highly skilled team at Angel Broking has come out with a Hyper-Intelligent Investment tool christened as ARQ, which has beaten almost all the benchmarks.

What's ARQ and what makes is benchmark beating tool:
ARQ is essentially a revolutionary automated investment engine that takes out emotional biases from the investing decisions and lets one maximize the returns from equities. ARQ does not limit to the equity related recommendations but also provides well-analyzed recommendations for Mutual Funds for one time lump-sum investment or through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).  

ARQ’s advisory is based on a model whose performance has been optimized to provide recommendations with high out-performance and strike rates. The model has been tested using scientific back-testing and has also been validated based on its track record. What makes it unique is the fine and timely calibration of the model, which helps the investor to take advantage of the upticks in the stocks or mutual funds during an investment period.
As we say numbers don't lie and so does the quantifiable out-performance shown by the ARQ Index which has beaten the BSE 100 Index by ~13% over the period May'16 to Jun'17. Same has been the case with ARQ Large-cap, Midcap, Smallcap and value strategies indices which have beaten indices between 7-12% over the period.

Reach and access provided to ARQ by Angel Broking is just another boon for the investors as the same is available to all Angel Broking Customers via Angel Eye or the Angel Broking App .

In Nutshell:
Have personally found the same to be user-friendly, informative and unique. While, I dabble with the tool and the app further, suggest that you should also take a look and try out the same especially considering that ARQ has consistently beaten the well-established benchmark indices by whopping margins of 7-12%. Further, with falling interest rate and limited investment options available to the investors, ARQ is certainly worth a try.


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