When Unity Met Indoor Pollution Polity

September 25, 2017 2 Comments

My Tryst with Indoor Pollutants, Broadway style

It was early in the morning when I got up from a nightmare.
I saw that I am sitting on a feeble stair
It was rooted on a marshland home
and pat came a windy storm.

I felt like a “malice in the wonderland”
Turned for a support,
In a bid to stand.

I could lay my hand
On the window sill.
I found no edge
As it wasn’t open still.

I gathered some courage
And looked for my wooden entourage
They were fresh in paint
And filled with formal dehyde

Everything was wet
Cold and humid
The sudden rush of fumes
Made me sit timid.

I looked for my pet dog
For a warm hug
But found him trapped
In the dusty tub.

Gosh! What is happening?
I sat agasp and wonder
What happened to my home
Why is it in a state of blunder

Home sweet Home
Do not leave me alone
I find my solace in you
Safe and strong!

As I uttered those words,
a thunder strike.
And I could see my house talking to me,
in a scary delight

Filth, filth everywhere
On the body, at the brink
The inner mariner in me
Got an albatross around her kitchen sink.

Wet and wild
It looked like
A controversial, fussy eater,
Naughty child.

The dustbin aside
Was kept open
It oozed foul smell
And filled till flown.

It is then a threw a glance
On my exhaust fan
Soiled and greasy
It extended me a slippery hand

I looked for a detergent
To wash my hands
But the VoC chemical in it
Got me further stained!

Oh my god,
it is my kitchen
Why is it so dirty?
Where are my scrubbing mittens?

I looked for my gloves
Ducked away abandoned
The old, unused stove

“You said I am slippery
and did not try at all
Now I am feeling jittery
What f I cause any slipping fall?”

Never have I ever
Imagined this scenery
That my house is filled with pollutants
Bought me unexplained misery

I looked for a mask,
Switched on my vaccum
Opened the windows
And started the home tasks

I went to my bathroom
And saw my basin flooding
“why the hell you…
cause you were busy in blogging.”

There is no limit to the Indoor Pollution
It only gets bigger
5 Times more dangerous
and spread with 15 times of rigor

But I use best detergents
I said in my defense
When I read their label
I was taken for chemical offense!

ammonia, phthalates, chlorine
petroleum based chemicals
triclosan, benzene & methylene

It is not just the chemical mess
But my house was inundated
With physical and
Biological gas

Dust, molds, carbon monoxide
Pollens and dust mites,
bacteria and viruses, smoke, asbestos
odors and pesticides.

Attacking my house from all the sides
Time for me to act
And make the situation
Behave in my health’s stride.

I stretched my hands
To the nearby plant
Peace lily and aloe vera,
Leafy, leafy I murmured and enchant.

I let the windows
Wide open.
So that molds can go away
And fresh air can seep in

I wore my gloves
And started the Cleaning spree
But still could not see my house
Pollutant free.

My walls are big
Yet dusty and green
Accumulating molds & odor
That I could not clean.

Not possible to wipe them every day
Still, I need to find
A long-term way.

I took my phone
and texted “Air” to 56161
Calling for Royale ATMOS
From the Asian Paints’ Clan!

Now I do not have to wear
Masks anymore
Atmos will cure the air
So I breathe purer than before.

Laden with
Activated Carbon Technology
It reduces harmful pollutants
And comes with a feature of washability!

Time to change your walls
Bring them a good paint to wear
It is beautiful that
Even Deepika Padukone will cheer.

This Diwali, do not just clean but clean and decorate with Asian Paints Royale Atmos!

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


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