Susu, Captainship & Guptaji at Bigg Boss 11

November 04, 2017 , , 1 Comments

This season of Bigg Boss is one of the most interesting seasons. Notwithstanding the fact that contestants have really done their homework well, they are using their game strategy quite well thus far. 

I am quite hooked to this season and end up watching almost all episodes on Voot including the raw footage in shorts section of the website.

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I have been planning to do a weekly quickie of stuff that happened inside the house and on the show but given time constraint, have "ben" refraining so far. Yes, I have "Ben" refraining cause after a "no-show", poor visibility- Ben finally got in the captainship race. No thanks to her "cash-fixing" alliance with Priyank and the poor A-Cash. Yes, I began the show by not liking the popular bad boy A-kash but he is playing his game well off late. Yet, he has conveniently "ben" ushered out from best performance nominations [No thanks to ever insecure Miss Hina Khan] and the team conveniently chose another set of "not so visible-not so contributing" contestants to participate in the race.

All the "cash fixing" exercise of Poor Ben went down the "Susu" drain cause even Bigg Boss does not want her to be the captain it seems. Now I know why my mother insists me on drinking more water and how kegel exercise is so important for women. It is "Ke-gal" after all.

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Question: What is the favorite Song of participants after this week's captainship task?
Answer: Ke-gal hai? Aji koi nahi! [song ref for dummy]

So our poor Ben behen is out from the captainship task. She may have held her liquor but she could not hold "Dhinchak Pooja's Licorice" I mean she could not hold glasses of water. Or was it because she got scared of the idea of being in between two "Susu" releasing man? Well, we may know about it in the Su-on to be out episode tonite.

Tonight's episode is indeed gonna be interesting as it is "Weekend ka Vaar" wherein Mr. Salman Khan will make his week-long awaited appearance to bajane band and Ben of the housemates.

Band Bajao reminds me of our poor, Bhartiya pursush Vikas Gupta who had become viral in India not because his "at the back of my arm" tennis elbow, "Hare today, fever tomorrow" in Jail appearances but I guess it is the "haath" of Miss Shinde to make this lost boy so popular. 

I saw many tweets saying how inhuman Shilpa Shinde was with our lost boy. Tsch Tsch! When Sapna does it with Arshi, it is entertainment. However, when Shilpa Shinde did, it was blamed to anti-human. Dude, let's accept it. She broke no rule and was entertaining. Unless you look for some babaji type entertainment on a reality show like Bigg Boss.

The Guptaji in my house likes the mastermind Guptaji on the show. I too could have esp the way he deploys people around to get his work done [super managerial abilities I must say] but Bigg Boss burst my itsy bitsy appreciation by reflecting so many odds of his personality. Had it not been Shilpaji, this Guptaji could not have survived the house or gain as footage. 

Bigg Boss, Iss baar aap Shilpa Shinde ko sahi pakde hai! She has a very effervescent and entertaining presence on the show. 

Shilpa may be a poor business woman but a perfect entertainer. We love to see her more, maybe win.

Well, that's all for today's NumerounityXBiggBoss post. I hope you liked my post. Let me know. I would try to come up with more such posts.

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  1. Being a Bigg Boss fan myself, enjoyed reading this ! Following you on twitter now :)


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