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There is something about the women-oriented film especially the ones wherein the lead character tries to rise above her mundane life and achieve something. All these women are saree clad from a middle-class family who have given up their career for their marriage or kids. Designer sarees and cliche apart, whether it was "English-Vinglish" or recently released "Tumhari Sullu", the women characters are well written, endearing and above all highly relatable.

And that is where Tumhari Sullu excels!

Tumhari Sullu is an endearingly Sweet Film

Tumhari Sullu is a story of a peppy Sullu [excellently portrayed by Vidya Balan] who is full of fun and have a zest for life. She is a not so ordinary woman with ordinary dreams. All she wants is to carve her a little name, get acknowledged and do her act right. Whether it is participating in a lemon and spoon race or random radio contests. She has a winning streak in her in spite of fewer strong stereotyped objections around her. She loves her family which includes her son and an adorable husband. She is a woman you and I will love to meet and be friends with, a woman quite rare to find, a woman who is highly relatable.

I dunno why but I could relate to Sullu in ways more than one. Call it the storytelling or the powerful portrayal of the powerhouse Vidya Balan, she crease-lessly brings the joys and traumas of a middle-class housewife. Vidya's Sulochana aces every scene, frame by frame without looking like The Vidya Balan but Sulochana, the Sullu character she is portraying.

Vidya's Sullu is ably supported by Manav Kaul's Ashok who is a super doting husband and am sure that after watching this film, lots of sensible girls will look for a husband like him than the non-existent Raj or Rahul of Larger than Life Hindi Films, men who are full of them.

Ashok is down to earth, simple guy who is eternally smitten by his wife. He manages a stressful job at a lalaji firm, plays a perfect host to his wife's family and a perfect husband without showing any sign of male egos even when wife embarks on a different career path including playing a "sexy saree wali bhabhi doing a late night radio show". In between, blame it on the turn of events including a bad career phase in the current job, he gets little disturbed by the lewd remarks/side effects on wife's chosen career but soon rises above the mediocre and hearts her back. Another fantabulous performance to watch for. He may not be an ivy league educated guy, speaking chaste English or living a high fi life but he is high on life even though it means changing bedsheets or singing "batata vada" with his wife.

And then there are other characters including Sullu's unempathetic twin sisters, her colleagues at radio station including her boss Neha Dhupia.

Neha Dhupia is another delight factor in this film. she has a small but significant role in this film which she plays with equal aplomb. And if you are able to keep away from ogling at her style sense, you will like her subtle and sober performance of the Mariyam. I did notice those Forever 21 styled accessories, after all, I am a beauty blogger as well 😉😉

Tumhari Sullu is a very grounded story with an equally good screenplay and a wonderful star cast. The music is so-so except the Ban ja meri Rani song that will be a hit on car radios and pubs. Music used smartly to keep the flow of the narration and a quick susu breaks! 

There are some very endearing scenes in the film including the one where Sulochana talks to Albeli Anjali for the first time or when she peacefully settles a piss of a caller while peeling peas over Matar paneer or aloo matar theory [OMG the tongue twisters] or the scene when she subtly tells her complaining family that agreements or disagreements, she will continue to seek their help as they are the "family". 

Do watch out for the scene when she brooms up the otherwise pricey neighboring grocer who refuse to home deliver any order below Rs 500. Dude, it is reality and it works though you need not have to use as husky-sexual tons that Sullu did, it may land you in issue in real life.

Numerounity Verdict: Tumhari Sullu has a peppy first half, a not so peppy post-intermission, a hurried climax, but power-packed performance by the lead actors. Tumhari Sullu is a must watch film. Go ahead and book it to watch with your spouse or girlfriend. It is refreshing, fun and interesting. If you are a Vidya Balan fan, you will love it. If you are not, you will become one after this movie on a strictly buy one, get one -like Vidya Balan, Like Manav Kaul basis. Bonus!

Numerounity Rating: 4/5

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