A Mystic Trip To Highest lake in The World Guru Dronmarg Sikkim

October 17, 2018 1 Comments

“The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself.” – Wallace Stevens

The world has more than what we think. The world is more than what we know.

Let's get to know the world, not by following a mere bucket list but going all out and embrace what comes, in the way or out of the way.


Simply, by traveling unchained, with or without any bucket list.

But what do you expect?

Simply, expect the unexpected!

And The Guru Dronmarg lake at Sikkim is something beyond what you expected the world's highest lake to be!

Seeing is believing. Here's a glimpse-

Here's the beautiful Dronmarg lake.

What an ethereal sight. We are at the highest lake in the world, located at an altitude of 17,800 ft. It may be just 190 Km away from Gangtok but trust me the unkempt mountain roads of Sikkim or lack of it makes the distance even longer, larger and scarier.

My trip to Guru Dongmar Lake

While there are many legends about the name. What remains undisputed is the beauty! And the beauty starts from the very hour you embark on the journey towards this beautiful, sacred lake.

They have strict rules and timings. And above all, there is an unexpected nature of nature, that causes heavy rainfall and may block the road, making you stranded on the mountain or your permit getting outwardly rejected.

I feared nothing, I expected nothing. 

The lake was nowhere in my list. Yet I felt being drawn to the place. I felt as if I am living a dream that I have seen several years ago. As if there is a secret key to a long-standing dream here. As if I belonged to the place or was destined to be there.

Beauty is that nothing or nobody in the world mattered to me that time but it was only me and the part of the world I was in. 

That's' me at the lake, feeling eternally proud of my feat-

Bucket List is Old, #TheBlindList is the new

I do not make Bucket list but follow the blind list that I have been following. 

You know where was the real fun? The real fun was in the whole journey, where we charted into an unknown land, zooming into the sky, close to the sun

Unexpected Friendship

Of all the places, we never expected to find friendship at the remote Lachung Valley in the Orange County resort. Thank You Ramya and Karthik for being part of our beautiful memories of this trip together. A lot of our good pics are courtesy of the very talented couple.

Unexpected Flavor

Fun was finding that small tea and Maggi joint near the army area and cozying up near the fire and sipping sugary tea yet finding best joy in the world.

Fun was not finding any ladies toilet on the way and when we found one, it was laden with ice. Haha. I did not pee that day from 4am in the morning until the 3pm approx in the noon. There was a certain strength that helped me sail on.

Fun was taking a trip knowing that it is highly weather sensitive and can be closed owing to the snowing or any security reason anytime, even if you are almost half the way.

Fun was seeing the livestock, grazing happily over the mountain without any caste or creed.

Yet we followed our hearts and marched on. And that's why I love the world. Cause the world loves me back!

Everyone almost fell asleep on the way, sleep eluded me. For I was busy imagining figurines on the hills and melting ice. It reminded me of our existence. I want to live to my fullest before I start melting. 

If the best travel experience is expected out of The Blind list, let it arrive. For joy is all about receiving surprises unexpected,  

Do check out this link- #SayYesToTheWorld


The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write

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