Watch Dhadak not as a remake of Sairat

Why You Should Read this Review

I know it quite some moons since the movie released, talked about and gone to oblivion.

A lot of you would have seen the movie and while a few would have not. This post is for all of you. This is not atypical paid review but there is more in this article than just the review. Hardcore Sairat fans may not like to read this especially if they have seen Dhadak and not liked the film.

But, what the heck, it will be a 5 minutes read and we can exchange opinions. [Blogs are written for that right?] 

What Made me Watch Dhadak In spite of Negative Reviews

I have not seen Sairat but honor killing is a phenomenon that stands tall in my list of most hated anti-social practices.

Watching movies on honor killing is not on my agenda as I know the gravity of the matter and being helpless, powerless towards the cause, the on-screen re-recreation only disturbs me further. I had no intention to watch Sairat either.

I was drawn towards Dhadak as it is the debut of the daughter of one of the most loved Indian actress- The Late Sridevi. The promos looked good to me and the title song quite an enchanting. I was keen to watch this film and almost confirmed with my darling sister- Ria.

Towards the release date, I heard many reviews of the film including one post the releases. Needless to say, all of them have ripped off this movie. I asked my husband if he can accompany me for this film, several times but his repeated refusal further demotivated me to watch this film and by this time, Ria too had gone back to her hostel.

Notwithstanding my fervor to watch the debut film of Jahnvi Sridevi Kapoor, that had portrayed Udaipur [a city that I wanted to re-visit and see more], I agreed to take a USB copy from the friend and watch on my laptop. The bad print [another reason why you shouldn't watch a copy] and a lure to spend the day with husband made me shut this movie after 15 minutes and delete it from the system. [I was a hopeless romantic person too].

I almost scrapped the idea of watching this film and all the reviews added to my decision.

And then the movie was released on Amazon Prime and pointless to say today is that one fine day I decided to watch the film from where I left.

Numerounity Reviews Dhadak

Dhadak is a Hindi remake of the popular Marathi Film Sairat where two star-crossed lover portrays the bitter reality of honor killing, still prevalent in digital India.

I have not seen Sairat for the obvious reason and maybe that's why I am not willing to write of Dhadak.

Dhadak is a simple story of a strong headed Parthavi [ a very beautiful yet fierce daughter of a powerful restauranteur and aspiring politician] and a humble Madhukar [ a sweet and love-smitten son of another restauranteur family who strongly opposes inter-caste marriages].

They both study in the same college and start liking each other. They were about to discover the love and relishing their innocent moments when they were caught by Parthavi's corrupt father who wanted to kill Madhukar and his friends. Seeing her request to let go of them falling flat on her father and brother's ears, Parthavi threatens to kill herself and runs away with Madhukar to save them. 

And from where the real love story starts. The story travels from Udaipur to Mumbai to Nagpur and then hilts at beautiful Kolkata, shown the way as it is. In the conducive environment with adequate support, the lovers overcome the so-called practicalities of life, disapproving all the theories that go against the very foundation of love.

It is our knowledge of the probable ending [another reason why I want to watch films on my gut feeling that the ornamented reviews] that may loosen the overall impact of the film esp the climax. Yet the film manages to leave some necessary imprints on viewers.

It at least left on me, and if you are a sensitive viewer, you too would leave feeling dejected and carrying the impact with you. Dejected not with the film but the reality.

And I believe it is a good exercise for all the youth to go through this cinematic expression, even if they have missed watching Sairat.

The Critical review

The beginning of the film especially the dream sequence was absolute a sore. If the beginning could be avoided, the film was indeed a good watch. The pool, college, and fort sequences wherein Jahnvi and Ishaan get to know each other will indeed appeal youngsters, as the second half appealed to a more mature audience.

Songs are hummable but except Jhingaat and Title song, others failed to register as much. Performances overall are good including the addlebrained Roop Singh emotional-less brother of Jahnvi who runs on his father's strings.

I liked the second half more than the first half especially the rut wherein the lead characters go through the disembodiment of their well-structured lifestyle, struggling in an unknown city to find a livelihood, a lover's tiff in view of the harshness of life but soon winning it all over with their love and efforts. The reunion scene on the banks of Hooghly and the cloth washing were some of my favorites

Overall, the movie is worth a watch. And it is indeed a one-time watch [I found this film more realistic than Sui-Dhaga] If only, honor killing as reality cease to exist.

Honestly, the film is better than what different reviews have portrayed it to be. Like in all things in life, go with open mind and heart. Entertain or enlighten, decide yourself.

My Two Pence on love and Honor Killing

Sorry, the thinker and woman in me could not help but pen this out

Love is beautiful but its beauty often kneels down in extreme and continuous rejections. In such cases, rejections from the society backed by non-backing of the family that matters. A lot of love stories die hopelessly against the rejection from the society, making the lovers suppress it so much that instead of being the ambassadors they turn traitors against this beautiful feeling. Love is indeed a beautiful feeling that makes life worthy and even beautiful. The modern lovers have learned to get practical but unfortunately, the essence of true love appears more when we are more dreamy than practical. 

Let people fall in love. Instead of pulling them back, support them and show them the way. Rejections, oppositions, and harshness may solve your purpose but will leave a forever void that cannot be filled ever, leaving the personalities disabled forever, even in the most abled-bodies.

Honor killing in real and speech should be condemned.


The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write

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