Sherni Starring Vidya Balan, VijayRaaz and Ila Arun: Movie Review Amazon Prime

July 05, 2021 0 Comments

When I first saw the teaser of Sherni, I kind of dismissed it as yet another celebrity self- praising movie that draws metaphors from real-life heroes for their reel life persona.  Singham, Sherni, Mardaani, Tiger, and the words of what not Bollywood do not inspire me to leave alone thrill or entertain. 

However, when I found that this film is made by the same person who made Newton, I could not resist a second thought. Soon after a lot of videos started floating on Facebook and Whatsapp talking about the copper mines featuring in the film to be the HCL mines where I spent a significant part of my childhood and growing up. It is then I realized the film is shot in Balaghat and nearing areas and hence could not resist watching it. There were a lot of bad reviews yet I was adamant to watch.

So was it worth watching or should I have listened to the bad reviews and saved the time? Well, watch this video where I have quickly reviewed this film to know more.

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The film, however, did try to balance between the celebrity and the cause, however, the promos are otherwise, more focused on star encashment on social media than talking more about the animal cause. Never mind, like I said I would love to watch this film on the big screen someday with real sounds and more success stories revolving around animal rights and protection. 

Go ahead and do watch this film and then we can exchange notes if any.

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