Third time lucky!!!

November 21, 2008 2 Comments

Voila, am turning quite bewdoo theses days. Yeah! a pet name given to me by a high school contemporary who just hee-hawed out of shock or culture hearing that I had 2 spoons of brandy in my milk last night, given by my parents to soothe my pugnacious throat!!! Can anyone else be a more weirdo than I am??!!??

But what ever it was, it wasn’t as strong as the concoction I gulped last night. Call it hang up of the highly turmeric-zed cup of milk or non suppressing/retreating nature of my bad cold. Men! Am getting addicted to drink “Haldi wala dhoodh”. But how long, I wonder?

But must say its remedy of the remedies. One stop solution for high insomnia, body ache, bad throat etc…a warm cup of milk with turmeric and honey in an adequate pouring is a thing to relish. Ting Tong!

But I feel ravaged. Cold is one of those things which I hate seeing not just in my relations but even in my ENT. Hankie dropping is one of the “ada’s” of the girls but not one with phlegm [never mind, I never carry one]. Thank God, my office house keeping staff assisted me with decent stocking of tissue papers and hot cuppas of tea.

Its my 3 rd day of the cold. 3rd day of the publishing and positively what could come out of it, 3rd post. Pssst, if you were just wondering what is 3rd time lucky!! Tee Hee hee

Last time I fell sick was in August, during my green belt six sigma training in Mumbai. Men! I must say it was terrible then. I had run pillar to post to get that training. Tough but everything fell on place, and then this cough nosed it’s way-uninvited. Long continued hours of extreme coaching teamed with group activities and my very sharp trainer from Motorola University with his rapt attentiveness on my eye balls movements. And the highly air conditioned conference room with live commentary of Avaneesh singh from Chandigarh.

To make matter even worse, I had a badly bruised foot to nurture that week. Long live people who invented Mistdress spray bandage.

And also an almost broken, battered, bruised heart!! Don’t ask me why.

Anyways god took off all my thinking time that week incl some single minded focus on my much awaited project. Dear “I love perfection” pals don’t owe that to my irresponsible nature, but also to my involvements in more live projects.

Our very clever instructor gave only 3 people to her “Ekla’s” group against 4-5 members in other groups. But it was a wholesome experience, thanks Mr. Wong.

Laptop covers down! The then new buzzword in camp for a week. And I still love it. Those were days!!!

Yup coming back to my currently playing cribbing carping stories, episode- Cold n allies, I must say that I missed on the generous supplies of lemon tea for 3 days :-(

The quite friendly batch weren’t too left behind; making digs on my supposedly saint like after classes’ habit. When all of them would be either indulged in filling “phoonk” to empty theatres of RGV films or making time for “CKompany “[guys that all released that time], I would be boringly sitting at my room wasting the lovely Voltas HRD centre’ tissue papers.

Am sure Ckompany/phoonk wouldn’t all that bad!!! Some ppl watched it even thrice!!! Hee hee Amresh Pratap singh and Rohit Roy, this bit is not meant for you.

They said it’s a fag end aftermath of tequilas & talli-doms, I would say it’s actually a side effect of all that abstinence!!! He he

Anyways my health seems to be improving now. Looks the 2 doses of haldi milk was quite effective. With lesser hammers within my head, I must get back to work.

Here’ a toast to the miraculous ways of Milk & turmeric.

Bravo!!! Divine!!! Encore!!!

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  1. "And also an almost broken, battered, bruised heart!! Don’t ask me why."
    .....Quote unquote....???//????

    Brandy working kya.....????

  2. Nah!!! not at all.

    Nothing works on me :-)


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