What is Numerounity?!!!

November 20, 2008 0 Comments

It’s been decade that am, out and yawned with words like my space, e- world, e-desk, dear diary, meri away suno, mind over matter, juicy tomatoes, love khichdi, sprinklers- sparklers, songbirds, living miracle, soul mantra, era of something something types that I decided not to puke any one of those here.

Numerounity is a word I inspired myself, some years back from the famous “Numero Uno” which means No 1. For the uninitiated, my name is Ekta Khetan [ek’tā kh-ey-tān]. Ekta means “Unity” in Hindi. A bit remodeling makes it- Numero Unity.

If you wonder if this the name that inspired Tata sons to make their supercomputers, I must say Mendeleev heard nothing of me while predicting chemical elements...Lolz

My writings may not be refreshingly original or amusing. Not sure if I can continue blogging even after 2 posts. The sudden plague and plethora of bloggers make me even more sick. It’s just that my little interest has been ignited by a friend of mine, who not just ignited this alone but things many. For the one track thinkers, some of it holds true too.

The world is already full of cliché which is like is your mother in law, you can dislike them but can’t do away with them J

I am an ambidextrous, an absolute maverick who loves to turn the conventional wisdom down and am here to stay, a friendly yuppie who has branding for breakfast, Dow Jones for lunch & social upheavelings in the evening, etc etc will also be pleasantly missing from my writings…I never claimed to be interesting!!! J

But yeah, I do love to challenge some of the common norms of society if I feel them too self imposing for my comprehension. Aw! If you get too much surprised with my sounds and think its stupid then let me suggest that searching too much for sanity, makes things around us more insane, inane and inhuman.

Wow, we sure can have way around wordsJ

Time for some more disclaimers?!?! I am not here to attack, counter attack, review, criticize, mud sling, whistle blowing, tune in or whatsoever you heard the blogging being trumpeted for in recent times, [unless I change my mind]…I am here to write and write all that can be written J

So, let it be normal, spontaneous and easy. Yes, cliché are very normal too. But accrediting to the brilliant tagline coined by leher PepsiCo-
“Pagalpanti bhi zaroori hai”!!!

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write

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