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March 11, 2009 3 Comments

Once upon a time, we used to pray and thank god for giving us a life, for giving us the joy of nature, fulfilling our basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter and so many splendid around.
As we progressed from one “yuga” to other, a lot of things have been changed, including our prayers.

Prayer today has been metamorphosed its way from thanking lord for food, clothing & shelter to life, sustenance and honor.

No wonder, if 21st Century prayers would be something like this-
Dear God, Thank you for saving me from bomb blasts, communal riots, being looted on streets, SENSEX dynamisms, Blue line accidents, organizational lay offs, telemarketing callers, ever incremental sales target, eve teasing/ molestation, being victim of organizational politics [but how long], open manholes, falling prey to cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, frequent load shedding and acidity.

Also, thank you for giving me disturbance free phone network, a seat in local bus/ train, some time to spend with family, clean water supply and et all

But if we keep going on this rate, I wonder what our prayers in future are going to be???!!??

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  1. Hey me first to comment...wonder why people ignored this...another prayer that i keep me away from eve teasing and same time considering feeble as a woman.

  2. Thanks will find me even praying for that. Esp for not considering woman feeble or less qualified in a workplace!!


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