Of lost loves, age and soulful renditions

March 29, 2009 6 Comments

It was raining last evening. I was caught with the nitty gritties of my product launch and chose to enjoy the rain shower through the large glass panes of my office.

The drizzling got strong and I began to enjoy the pitter patter a little more. My work was almost done, leaving me some time in hand before I leave the office. So I picked my head plug and switched my mobile FM in hope of some good music. Though it’ very rare that you are in mood for good music and you find one playing. Seems I was lucky that day.

It was one of my other favorite songs, Once again from the Bhatt’s stable. This one was from movie- “Zakhm”. Yeah one of those “story of my life” movie churned by the autobiographical director.
Never mind, we all liked that movie and I in particular this song. The music was soft and the lyrics were simple, poignant and rendering. I hope you will like it too. Here’s dekko at the lyrics-

Hum yaha, tum yaha, dil jawaan woh sama
Lekin kaha kaha, shuru shuru ke pyaar ka
Phir se chalo, churaaye dil yaar ka
Hum yaha, tum yaha…
[I am here & you are here too/ Today I am at one point and you at other,
Young hopes are still there but where have gone those days of the early togetherness
Come lets fall in love all over again

Nikle zara gharse, phir woh ghata barse
Aag ye phir lage, phir uthhe dilse dhuwa
Hum yaha, tum yaha, dil jawaan woh sama…[Let’s go out of the concealed doors and let the same precipitation pour again
Once again that fire kindles within the heart and smokes raises
Chaaha tumhe kitna, dhhundhha tumhe kitna
Mil gaye ham magar, kho gaye ham phir kaha
Hum yaha….
Have always loved you and have searched so much for you
And then we met, but now we have lost again

Phir ho wohi baatein, phir ho wohi raatein
Phir wohi rat jage, phir wohi bechainiyaan
Hum yaha….[Once again lets visit those talks, those moments
That propinquity and that same restlessness of being together
Jab kuch kahen labse, pehele kahen sabse
Jaaneman, meri jaan, jaan-e-jaan, jaan-e-jahaan
Hum yaha…
We need to voice things out to the populace
For someone as dear as life and soul, words aren’t required]I am here & you are somewhere there/ Today I am at one point and you at other
Young hopes are still there but where have gone those days of the early togetherness
Come lets fall in love all over again]

Wasn’t that lovely? Hmmmm…I was transported to a different world while listening or re living this composition. And I continue to do that again and again Trust I did justice with the lyrics and thought process.

As far as I always understood, this song was a quest to relinquish the differences and re create the lost magic back. For we often let go of our most valued possessions in quest of blinding disparities. Sometimes we are lucky to realize it. But are we lucky enough to get it resolved? Well choice is personal and mutual.

Disclaimer: The above expression is just creative/ poetic expression and has nothing to do with the author’s personal life

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Hey Ekta !! The most intersting part of this blog is disclaimer..Just kidding diva..The song absolutely awewsome..I was just wondering how come you enjoyed rain in kolkata in the month of March..But all thanks to the disclaimer ;)

  2. I am enjoying it almost every evening!!! Its been raining in KOlkata these days in particularly evenings. Pata hai y'day i got drenched in the pour and walked on my way home amidst rainfall...Also ate samosas at the famous shop at quality!!!

    Can i see someone feeling jealous!!! ;-)

  3. Thatz truly a song with a soul...

    esp the lines-phir ho wahi baatein...

    NIce onwe...

  4. Missing the pakoda chai days at balcony watching rain, with the song in background...

  5. @ sanchi
    YUp...me too!!! BTW i have learned few new dynamic snacks for rainy day...try karti kya? Come to Kolkata sometime...rains maybe!!!


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