Million dollar baby

March 11, 2009 2 Comments

Just heard, Shilpa Shetty with her beau has splurged nothing less than a crore for the music video of “Rajasthan royal”. To sh0ot the music video, a pvt jet was booked to to carry the team it's glamour quotients. NOt just that, special sports Tee has been designed [with some with Swarovski crystals on]. And hold your breath, 100 junior artists with 10 elephants, horses and chariots were used to shoot inside the J’pur airport. Whoa!!!

Well it is no more that only the characters of any balaji soap or from any other goddammit soap on idiot box humming away the deals and glories of nothing less than crores. But the notion of “just one crore” has indeed travelled a long way. From silver screen sagas to the silver spoons, for sure.

Actors and actresses have begun to quote their salt by charging nothing less than one crore. Bigger the first digit, bigger the star is. No matter if the movie is a sore dud in the theatres, leave alone the acting. Not just those, even to hell with recession, celebrity endorsements are now carefully chosen. Some celebrities apparently have refused good brands for they weren’t offering a higher “crore” than what their counterparts[or the more successful ones] were getting, and even some refused for the particular brand line was low end. Well one men’ poison is someone else’ meat. Some “crore” loss is definitely some even more “crores” gain with so many brands hankering for celebrity’ piece.

Not just actors, Producers and directors spends nothing less than a “crore” to shoot some of their songs. Even though if it bears no relevance to the movie.

Celebrities like AB and SRK commands their worth by charging min a crore for hosting one episode on what is suppose to be “small screen”.

Lacs [a hundred thousands] have become cheap. And “A crore” is becoming nothing but some sort of loose change that the “haves” of the society started using for their backyard hopscotch game. And you said, recession in economy will balance the divide. Tsch!!!

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  1. Anonymous25 March

    Oye, my million dollar baby! Where are thou? lost since last post? Stop crying and start writing back!!!

    Waiting to see new posts to compensate a fortnite' famine!!!


  2. Million dollar baby??!!? eh!!! :-D

    Read the new one and comment :-)


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