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I came across this picture on a website and couldn't stop liking it :-)
Is this the message sent to-
1. Indian constituency & the laggards breed of politicians
3. The entire Polling exercise
4. In anticipation of the upcoming results in Maharashtra
5. Connotation of speeches given Mrs J Bachchan
6. Response over speculation on Abhiash moving out of Jalsa
7. Bachchan family's performance on Box office this year
8. Ummm... Detractors of Amar 'SP' singh
9. Campaigns like "Jago re" or "Do not Vote" or exercising the right to not vote
10. Your it

Seeing this picture, should one-
1. Simply see, enjoy and forget it
2. Dismiss it as anti national like most of my friends
3. Make a national issue out of it...another chain of controversies
4. Admire the "i say dare" attitude / "creative" skills of Bachchan clan
5. Ask Barkha Dutt to debate it in her next episode of "I-the people"
6. Write a blog [like I did :0)]
7. You suggest....
I think...
Some pictures says it all.....

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. I don't think so any nonsense controversy required.... its a daring attitude with msg that a single finger is enough to decide the fate of big guns .. atleast once in five years ....

    Cheers Democracy!!!

  2. Very creative... admirable!! Its an art to come up with soo many interpretations..

  3. lough out loud........

  4. Hilarious...Lolz!!!

    Must be in anticipation of congress hands down victory!!

  5. Bachchans and their ways of snubbing people. They are so experts in snubbing that they snub each other intentionally or unintentionally.

    1. Aishwarya tells that she is not proverbial empty vessel. But, reality is her very own father in law is basking in the glory of proverbs written by his father.

    2. She also mentions that silence is golden and it is easy to go aroud talking "beck beck". I could not stop laughing when I read that. Big B, in his blog does only "beck beck" and settling personal scores through his blog.

    3. The list is endless. Who taught whom snubbing man?Ash effect, bachchan effect or combined effect?

  6. Joyce23 May

    They are reinstating the liberties of Democracy and "Bachchan-cracy"!!!

  7. the bacchan parivar is the most fake in the is sad that they r given so much importance...n they point a finger at the same ppl who made them what they r...though they dont deserve it ..
    i liked ur 7th pt about their box-office performance LOLsss!!
    n about reactions, i suggest we should ignore such attention-crazy idiots!

  8. Thanks everybody for taking time out and writing in...Appreciate the effort...

    @ manish
    yeah it doesn't deserve any stupid controversy or further debates..Democracy after all :-)

    @Mayank & Akash & Moi & Joyce
    Thanks :0)

    @Opinionated Indian
    I may agree with you...may be partially for sure. Though we have a choice of selective entertainment, be it bachchans or anyone for that matter. THough I am fan of AB sr but do not bask in adulation :-)

    Keep visiting & keep writing...

    @ Vinnie
    Thanks for expressing your views clearly n openly...Keep visiting..been to your blog and must say you write well :-)


  9. hehe, that was naughty and hilarious. You rock, :)))))

  10. Like I always say....its different.....

    Now upon the photo.....I think point no 5, Jaya's speaches.....what we should do- just enjoy and forget it......for all the controversies that these guys create, be it donation of land and school in UP, or marathi manus in maharashtra, nothing changes in lives of actual needy people, in-fact for there insensitive comments poor taxi walas and rikshawalas get there things burnt and sabotaged, where as they comfortably and safely sit inside asking "Mannat" for more and celebrating "Jalsa" over the poor state of things. ( I feel sorry, that one day even I was so anxious to see Jalsa and Mannat and stood outside the house for nearly 2 hrs, thinking to get a glimps of Bachchanalia...nothing happend).

  11. want to believe that they aim at showing the "dot hain to hot hain"

    still came up with nother interpretation

    it all comes down to a fucks worth ......... u give a fuck about the country , and it'll give a fuck bout u too......

    nice place here u got

  12. @ Zillionbig

    Thanks buddy :-)

    @ Rahul
    That was a nice incidence quoted. The communal incident at Mumbai was very disheartening. Marathi manus nahi marathi khadus group, spoiling the goodness of everything incl follow marathi fellows!! I Hope you will agree too.

    @ Photogenic evil
    Thanks for writing in. I have stopped figuring on that question..But newer interpretations r always welcomed.

  13. Crisp, crazy and cool...

    I was an ardent fan once...but no more seeing their nakhras and over the top publicity but then I think its showbiz....

  14. Classy...loved it!!!

  15. I dont know what's great in that..why is there so much hype about that...i dont think that bachhan's vote is gonna be counted as 1 lakh vote unlike in other cases where it is counted as one...

    i think we create a lot of hype of actors in our country..after all they are also same ordinary is we people who treat them as Gods..

    I dont care whether Bachhan's vote or not so far as the % voting turn put of my country is fair good ~ 75%..but it is it doesn't matter whether bachhans are voting or not..really not..

  16. Moi, sanchi & Amit thanks for your insights!!!

    If stars wont do nakhras, who will do? you? hahaha no way!!
    Like i always say- take things with a pinch of salt.

    Thanks for your SMS. I know you are Bachchan fan...

    @ Amit
    Bachchan' voting was not as important as the ripples created with this snap. By ripples i meant- laughter ke ripples!!!

    Have fun!!


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