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Sometimes a look steals your way; and a glance means nothing
A touch turns Midas; but several contacts leave nothing

Sometimes reality deceits us and definitions mystifies
Passion control us and clarity turmoil
Ignorance becomes bliss and harmony begets noise
Sometimes words are not enough and invitations do not suffice

Sometimes reason is not enough to win an argument
Reasons are multifaceted inside
Sometimes logics do not mend distances nor do they set it aside
Sometimes comfort gives way to obstacles; sometimes in obstacles, comfort we find

Sometimes lengths get bigger but a smile summarize
Sometimes truth disturbs us and confusion stabilize
Sometimes stars get closer to us than a weeping eye
Sometimes… sometimes…

Sometimes a day seems eternal & years just fly
Sometimes you cross seven seas and walk a thousand miles
And then sometimes, taking two little steps seems an enterprise

Sometimes we see a thing and something else visualize
We lean forward to touch it and it vanish away from sight
You follow it and chase it blind, when it seems to lie inside

Sometime sorrow becomes solace and happiness terrifies
Knowledge becomes a burden and wisdom unwise

Sometimes a lifetime falls short and a moment becomes a life
Emotions takes a backseat and conditions surmise

Sometimes seasons remains unaltered & reasons revise
Sometimes mistakes sounds silly but solutions difficult to arise

You say things and still do not believe
And then struggle to see, feel and justify
And still a lot many things, gets left, untouched behind

Albeit one deem to acknowledge, interpret and personify
A cloud still hovers your vision; a sea still beyond horizon
A storm that lull the heart and a breeze agonize

Sometimes perspective is not everything
Sometimes, some times are not same
But sometimes…

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. How ppl can think so much and write?
    Take a break , stop thinking like i do sometimes to get away with the pain ans be happy.

  2. Nice. There are many insightful touches. I especially liked the lines :
    "Sometime sorrow becomes solace and happiness terrifies
    Knowledge becomes a burden and wisdom unwise"

    Keep writing :).

  3. Sometimes i think that it is love that i have for you, then i guess its pure reverence..

    Sometime I think it is best meant to worship and then i think god is in me:-)

    Amazing... I guess this is something you wrrrote long time back? But refused to share...

  4. @ Akash

    Well cant help thinking...expression is difficult though...

    And why are you pained? Fought with someone again? Oh god..not again!!! ;-)

  5. @ Brown Phantom

    Thanks for your lovely comments...guess we share a mutual admiration society...I am a frequent visitor to ur blog...must say...good work...guess i have added myself there as follower too :-)

  6. @ Moi

    Ab mein kya kahoon....


  7. I told you....I will take the copy rights of all the blogs and publish them....

    Also reminds me of Kabhi Kabhi.....

  8. Anonymous20 May

    Nice one...and it rhymes well...unlike life!!!

  9. Thoughtful stuff


  10. Thanks Anonymous, thanks Alabhaya

    Keep visiting :-)

  11. @ Rahul

    Thanks rahul...I shall keenly wait for the day :-)

  12. Is it real..hmmm

    achha hai..


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