I am a Four 'Tagged' Animal!!!

July 17, 2009 47 Comments

My new buddy Zillion big tagged me and I am lost. Frankly, I do not understand the entire tag business but since zillion flaunted my spirits by calling me beauty with brains, I shall oblige.

I am nominated under his “fantastic four” team and have to do “one two ka four” here. Gosh! I have to tell “four- four things” about me. Sounds boring, right? But before I do that, promise me that you will not fall sleep.

Four places you have livedI have stayed in many places but my favorite’s are-
1. Ambikapur: Ever heard of this place? Well it is a big town in now Chhattisgarh, surguja district. My nani-badi [maternal grandma’s house], the place where I extended my arms to world, said, “don’t babes me up”. One dark, stormy evening my mom bought me to this place. I was barley a year and half old. A major part of my upbringing was done here. Amidst the melee of uncles, aunts, grand parents and others, I had spent a wonderful childhood here. My time here, my neighborhood, my school, my grandpa’s oil mill where I use to do impossible stunts and scare every one off, my first car in school and trips around the neighboring areas. Well I can write a whole book on my golden childhood but later.

2. Chennai: Though Nagpur was the first city, I had been after home but I liked Chennai more. From Satyabhama’ prison like campus to widespread IIT madras campus, to Polaris’ offices in city, to n-logue’ office in Gokul arcade, Adyar to hanging out with my friends Rishabh, Doc & Gang at Satyam theatre to galloping gooseberries, marmalade and where not. From those trips to ECR, Mayajaal and some dreamy days, so many first and memorable memories I had at Chennai. And contrary to popular notion, I loved the “madrasi-dom” and south Indian food+language.

3. Hyderabad
I moved to Hyderabad from Chennai and the day I landed there I was mighty apprehensive as to how will I live in that city. The progression was little tough in sense of finding a suitable accommodation and understanding telecom business but I enjoyed almost every bit of my stay in this city. It has a distinctive charm and terrific memories

4. Kolkata: I wanted to be here for long time, the city where I had my choicest cousin and my best friend and the city where I saw all of them turning askew and strange. Huh! Melodramas stay aside. I have done some amazing things here like visiting orphanage, children rehabilitation centre [experiences that I thoroughly enjoyed], some real breathtaking parties, tequila flow, Boat ride, roaming in rain, house hunt, being to dakhineshwari & Kalighat temples.

Though the city has not been as enticing as Chennai or Hyderabad or even Bangalore for that matter. However, being here also means proximity to my parents [4 hours rail drive] and off course learning a bit more of Bengali than what I used to know. Bhalo thake.

Four TV shows you love to watch
There are many in the list but I shall write about the recent ones on tubes-
1. Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai: In the world of idiot box crass, this one takes cake when it comes to comedy with class. Characters from Maya Sarabhai to roshesh, Indravadan sarabhai, all are unique and fun. My other hot favorite was “Dekh bhai dekh”. My heart sinks when I recall that how Shekhar Suman who was portraying the character “Somu re”, bought laughter even when he was going through the biggest personal trauma any father can bear.

2. Rakhi ka swayamwar: Whatever people say, Rakhi sawant entertains. I have a certain liking for this bindaas babe, which germinates from an idea that here is a honest girl who is trying to win her those “few years” of name and fame under the sun. I know I could have expressed it better but it is all right. Ha ha

3. Yes minister: It also made a foray as the “Ji Mantriji” serious, it was a brilliant take on political beaurocracy and games people play. Farukh Sheikh proved to be an actor par excellence, so did Jayant kripalani [My other most fav actor]

4. Balika Badhu: Ok we have enough stress in life and hence we restrict from preachy stuff. Cool but I love this serial for its sensitivity and sensibility. Next time when a certain Mr. Shrewd Yadav try to corrupt your parliamentarian brain by calling “Balika Badhu” as falsity that promotes child marriage, don’t send him pink cha$@*.. rather send him some consolation for having lost his mind.

Four places you have been on vacation1. Goa: I have been there in the year December 1999 to bring on the millennium at the hottest spot of the world. After attending an unplanned wedding of a cousin in Mumbai, we rushed to the heavenly abode of sun & sand. It was amazing, would love to visit again.
2. Jaipur: Pink city! I use to visit Jaipur once or twice in a year but would not exactly call it a vacation. Except for the time when we went to attend an uncle marriage. I get to meet my lovely cousins Medha, Abhinav, little Rhea, Sunny-champ and many more and am so glad that they are in my life.
3. Mumbai: My first single and actual vacation. I wish I could have more, wish I could shift there for sometime at least.
4. Fill in the blank

You can see that I have deficiency called “no vacations”. So take a cue and plan a vacation, which I can write about. Takers anyone? J

Four of your favorite foodsHmmm my favorite topic…slurp burp and yum
1. Pastas & Pizza: I love the spicy, tangy and full of vegetable types of them. Garlic bread and sizzler shares the list too.
2. Masala dosa: South Indian food is amazing, whether it is Fiery Andhra meals, sambhar-chawal or the evergreen Masala Dosa. From eating for “delight” to “mazboori” to eating for “delight”, some of my colleagues at n-logue office started calling me as “masala dosa”.
3. Rice platter: I am Punjabi at heart. Love the quintessential “saag”. Rice & rajma [red kidney bean], Rice & Chola [Gram?], Vegetable Pulav and mother of all rice’s- Vegetable Biryani. Yum Muh mein paani aa gaya [my mouth started watering]
4. Street food: How can you forget that I am a girl from India, and love all that street food from pani puri to bhajia-chai [sorry Ms de], pav bhaji, Kulfi pista, hot Pancakes et all. Have you ever tried the “samosa” from LAD college canteen or savories at Jaipur roadside stalls? If not, try man for you do not know what you are missing in life.

Four places you would rather be
Hmmm do not understand this question…May be Mumbai, Budapest, London, Cape town

Four movies you can see over and over again1. Jab we met: Love the songs, characters and the clean humor. Class, class and truly a class.
2. Edward Scissorhand: A soft, touching, fairy tale sort of story which made us think and re think that what are we giving back to life for all the purity nature bestows on us and all magic that love spin in.
3. Gone with the wind: Tee hee he…Fiddle diddle dee. Frankly, I don’t give a damn my dear
4. Bucket list: I too have a wish list like that and I wish I could do all of it before kicking my bucket.

Four things u hope to do before you die
1. Have a baby
2. Be ultra popular or become a RJ
3. Get a bungalow, sedan and huge bank balance
4. Wait, why am I writing it here? As if someone reads and say- Amen?

Tag four people who will respond
1. Cartoonist: Hary2. Phantom brown: amazing writer, humorist
3. Sujata: The interesting lady I would like to know more
4. Eye-in sty-in: My new buddy who is very enterprising

The tag Rules: 1. Link the person who tagged you. 2. Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post. 3. Post this in one or all of your blogs. 4. Answer the four questions following these Rules. 5. Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them. 6. Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at http://bloggistame.blogspot.com and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List. 7. Have Fun! Questions & Your Answers:
1. The person who tagged you: Zillionbig
2. His site's title and url: http://zillionbig.blogspot.com/
3. Date when you were tagged: 28th June 2009
4. Persons you tagged: Given above- Hary, prashant Dhanke, Eye-in-sty-in & Sujata

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  1. Anonymous18 July

    You have been in Chennai.. cool.. thats the city in which I live.. and I love it much :)

    and you have been to lot of places.. many cities.. I born in Chennai and still living in Chennai :)

    And for food, I never liked Pizzas.. my first choice will be road side eateries :D

    I never seen the films you have mentioned.. have to watch bucket list and Jab we met..

  2. hoho, Numero....I called you "beauty with the brain" and you took it seriously? (hehehe, just kidding, you are and you know that, dont you)

    Nice knowing you. I didnt know marwadi's can be so much fun.

    I too studied in chennai, and been to IIT campus, its a mini sanctuary by itself. And open air theater and canteen serving yummy noodles.


  3. And you have done full justice. It was wonderful. :)))))))

  4. @ Kanuga
    Thanks..Must watch these movies, they were amazing. REg Pizza, i never used to like it earlier but off late started loving them!

    @ Zillion
    I am a bit marwadi, bit punjabi, bit south Indian and lots of bit-bit more...And all that makes me funny!

    Never ate their canteen stuff except jalebis from their all night open, open air canteen, forgot the name.

  5. Thank you so much Ekta for the Tag. Let me see when I can do it :). I'll surely acknowledge the tak though :).
    Goa is the surely the best holiday destinations. Am a big fan of pizzas too. And Wishful thinking isn't really harmful :)

  6. @ Brown Phantom

    I shall look forward to it :)

  7. Planning a vacation? Please do not forget San Francisco, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. When you leave (after your visit) you will be humming Tony Bennett's famous song: I Left My Heart In San Francisco.

  8. @ SG
    Cool..Would love to see san Francisco even more now.

  9. Nice blog....nice to see my city mentioned here...aapnar bangla khoob bhalo..lol!!!

    It was a nice but really a long tag...

    take care

  10. Read this piece and knew so many things about u.. Keep writing..

  11. @ Nazish R
    Hey welcome to my blog. I know the tagged got a bit long...hee hee..Can't help:)

    Thanks JD, keep visiting:)

  12. I am surprised to see no HCL township mentioned as your favourite places... anyways great effort.. Got to know more about you :-) ...

  13. @ Mayank

    HCl township was fun too...but only a shortlived one...Had the tag been more than four, it would ve featured for sure. Looks like it was one of ur favorites! :)

  14. Cool post. Btw you remember those few DD serials that use to come on saturday and sunday mornings. I agree that calling balika badhu a violation is such a stupid idea!

  15. BTW I too love pasta but in the white sause, extreme cheesy...

    Hey you could have also written about your 4 fav ads...no?

  16. Kaafi Saamantaayen hai:

    Chennai, Sarabhai, Rakhi ka Swayamvar, Goa, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pasta, Dosa, London, Scissorhand.. Wow...

  17. @ Sanchi
    I remember a lot of them incl those sad tearjerkers like munshi prem chand ki kahaniyaa, Vikram betaal, Toy house, He man and what not. That was some era.

    Reg 4 fav ads...Hmmm will write soon..planned but then forgot:)

  18. @ Vee

    Oh great...Remember this is 2nd level of "samanyaten" :)

  19. This is a nice tag :)

    Nice to know more about you. BTW Like u even I have been to those three places for vacation and I absolutely love watching Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai!!!

    And Amen! to all ur wishes dear :)

  20. @ Smita
    Thanks a ton dear. I am sorry that I couldn't tag you but you are on my priority list.

    Its great to know that we share common interest. Wow...Welcome to my circle of friends! :)

  21. Hey!! good way to answer a tag!! awesome!! got to know a lil more about you!! and those diverse areas of interests are pretty interesting!! :)


  22. Hey rammy

    Thanks a ton. Would love to know more about you...So be prepared for my next tagging exercise :)

    BTW, visited ur blogs...Cool ones...can't post a comment though as the format that you use doesn't takes my comment :(

  23. Sarabhai was awesomo:)
    Kolkata is awesomest:)
    Rakhi Ka Swayamwar.... *shudders at the thought*

    Btw...u r tagged again at my space
    incentive...an award awaits u thr as well:P

  24. Anonymous22 July

    Hey u were in Hyd before. Khaash we cud hv met then :P

    Ur life @ Ambikapur sounds gr8 - reminds me of my stay at my nanihaal - Mysore :)

    Goa n Jaipur r my must-visit list!!

    I love Masala Dosa n road side food too. Feel like eating some now :P

    Jab We Met is indeed a class movie.

    N yeah, I did say Amen ;)

  25. Awesome, so many comments, you sure are rocking young lady.:)) TIT for Tat?Very bad, brick for a brick makes the whole world blind.:))

  26. @ CN
    Thanks a buddy, looks like I am gonna make a lot of like-minded friends here. welcome to the group:)]

    Read ur tag and once again couldn't post a comment due to format disability at my end...plz look into this. It has become a universal problem re!

    Also, when you tag, link the URL too..It helps:)

  27. @ thesongoflife

    kaaash! :D

    Welcome to my blogs...Do write about ur nanhihaal sometime!
    Its great to know that we have so many things in common! :)

  28. @ Zillion
    Well your bricks looks more of bouquets..hee heee...

    BTW i wasn't throwing any bricks either...they were all bouquets!

  29. Hi Ekta... i just luv this tagging stuff, yu get to know a lot abt the others interest :), AM GLAD THAT YU LUVD CHENNAI :)!, and yipee yu tagged me ...am writin on it, as usual with my blah blah..so big thanks again :) tak care..cya around!


  30. @ hary
    Waiting to read ur stuff. I am sure you will bring a new angle to it! :)

  31. Hey gotta know more abt u thru this, nice one :). And AMEN in bold & caps to all ur wishes :)

  32. @ Kanupriya

    thanks a Ton buddy!!! You were being missed! :)

    @ CN again
    Thanks for the tag thing...I shall definitely live up...but need some time and few other posts in between. Ok? :)

  33. thts ok as long as u dun forget it completely:)
    u still cnt comment....I changed the tempt...reworked it n now everyone is commenting...chck it again
    r u using IE/Firefox???

  34. Hey CN

    I could never forget about it...will write soon to claim my award:)

    BTW where are you based at? Oh i am using IE...Haven't checked yet...will do! Take care.

  35. Well,I've heard of Ambikapur before..
    It was somewhere in August,2005,my first year of engineering life in manipal,when this lean fellow mentioned it as his hometown..
    4 years have passed and we're the best of buddies now.. wish I could visit the place once...

  36. @ Jayant
    hey nice to have you here plus to know that Ambikapur is a known name to you. Also glad to know that you want to visit there. Any reason in particular?

  37. Actually,not one, but two of my friends(who don't know each other) are from that place and I've heard from them that Ambikapur is a small,quiet,hilly place. Living in the razamatazz of a metro like Delhi for a decade makes you crave for those places,doesn't it?

  38. I even know the name of the school he passed out from.. Holy Cross!!

    and,right now,he's teaching there as a computer teacher as his joining in TCS has been delayed till oct..

    enough reasons,lady??

  39. @ Jayant
    Hey cool...I too studied in Holy Cross Convent School. Amazing campus!

    But A'pur isn't very hilly place. but yes have good picnic spots around it.

  40. I love jab we met too..can watch it over and over agn!

  41. @ Shanu

    Hey isn't a cool movie amidst all those drama, realism and stupid thrillers? :)

  42. @ avagdro

    Thanks and same to you!

  43. Hey Ekta!

    I was brought up in Nagpur and my sister practically survived 5 years in LAD college on their Samosas :) ...glad I found your space, will explore it more as I go...keep writing!

    And yes...Amen :)

  44. @ Anupama

    Hi Anupama, it is really nice to hear from you and also know that I am not alone in my adulation for LAD samosas. They were really fabulous! I miss them a lot...Keep visiting:)

  45. Jaipur also known as pinkcity is great place for vaccation you should visit there for vaccations


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