Forget Ajmal Kasab, MF Hussain is the new national treasure!

March 14, 2010 17 Comments

Pornography is the new art & Hindu bashing, the latest fashion: conveys MF Hussain

Maqbool Fida Hussain is a great artist, visionary and a respectful Indian citizen. His work celebrates interpretation and improvisation on the canvas. [And the so-called modernism]. A talent so unrecognized and wasted by us Indians and especially Hindus. The very proof lies in the fact that how we bigoted; inartistic, uneducated illiterate, educated illiterate, Indians harassed, victimized the great legend and pushed him to leave this raped country to find solace in a more tolerant, secular and democratic place.

After all Hinduism is not India’s “official” religion and therefore Hindu gods-goddesses are worthy enough to be painted nude, obscene and in a derogatory manner. We are prisoners of Victorian tastes and morality who do not know how to appreciate art and freedom of expression. How dare Hinduism still exist and alive in the Y2K [post 9/11] world? If it still exists, it deserves to undergo insult, hate and continuous damage. Why blame the poor nonagenarian artist alone. He was after all just trying to make money like most of us. So what if he tried to make that money by humiliating Hinduism? Isn’t that the latest fashion like Gandhi bashing? Where is the humiliation by the way? He just painted Hindu deity nudes. So what if a portion of population considers their deity as mother and father? In Fine arts it is fine to paint your parents nude, oops!! in this case someone else’s parents or parents of entire community. It is modern world, modern art for dummies. Nudity is the purest form of art. Paintings, as any art needs to be understood and not condemned. So if Hindu did not complained when their deities were caricatured into cartoons, holy songs were mutilated and other such blasphemy, then why are they making such a hue and cry now? Gosh, how intolerant Hindus can be. They should suffer and cry in silence as always. Why do they protest? It is national treason and global sacrilege.

Painting:Book::Hussain: Rushdie

Mohd. Azhar is one of the most successful captains in Indian cricket. Once while playing a match in Bihar, someone stole his cap from the stands. It was such a great loss that in a fit of emotion, he labeled all Bihari as “thieves”. Instead of giving a proper apology, he rid away crying, “I am minority, I am minority”. No body protested. The same minority-speaking person went ahead divorcing mother of his two children, his wife who apparently belong to the same community, on the pious day of ID, to marry his celebrity girlfriend. Why did nobody remind him of his song from the cap controversy? However, when MFH does something radical, it makes national fodder. Tsch.

Numbers of people leave country and migrate abroad, reason whatsoever. Damn with them, they are cattle class. MF Hussain is the only national treasure after Ajmal Kasab.

On other side of coin, a huge amount of money [in lines of crores per day] is spent on security of some handful public servants read politicians and their families. Whereas poor MF Hussain who bought so much of GDP/foreign currency to our country and basic respect to the religious belief of its people, was not given a VVIP security from government of India. Sigh. Why do we give our hard earn money to govt as taxes if they cannot buy cradle for Hussain. So what, if Digvijay Singh cannot ensure safety of non-marathis in Mumbai, he will leave no stone unturned to bring MF Hussain back to the country.

Being Hindu in India is merely equal to khakhi knickers?
Poor MF Hussain, such a man of liberal ideology and communal harmony. He did nothing offensive but we made him a scapegoat of saffron activist. He is a naughty child who just painted deities nude and how dare Hindus protest him. After all, it is more important for MF Hussain to be in India, so what if he makes a porn out of a nation’s religious beliefs to buy his phoren trips and comfort. Hindus be damned. Who has cared about them anyway? Common people, Mango people, Cattle class we are. When a suave politician like Tharoor says the word, it becomes a national offense. His freedom of expression be damned, he must have a political interest behind. All Hindus are like VHP, BJP and Bajrang dals, only politicians. It is more imperative to see Hindu issues as mere political campaigns. Hindu sensibilities and belief are mere caricature of saffron brigade. Is there any country as supportive as Qatar, which can protect the religious sentiments of Hindus? Cause India is no longer a safe place for its so-called majority group. Sigh. Someone, pl do adopt us.
“Apne desh mein hum hai pardeshi; yeh koi kya jane!

I am a Hindu, but I respect Islam too. So what if one of its followers maligned it by insulting the faith of other religion. I would never suggest MFH or anyone to paint his deity nude. Let whatever glory, beauty nudity brings; there are indeed better ways to practice freedom of expression instead. Mr. Hussain, pl feel blessed that you were born in a country like India and humiliated people like Hindus. Your leaving the nation rich and UNPUNISHED is definitely the national loss. India must win you back. How? By paying higher price for your disgusting paintings or by giving you national security? Well after this controversy, your sale is anyways going to boost and your security is already taken care in new country. Alternatively, by giving you more lead of different religion, people you can paint nude and mint money in name of artistic display and freedom of expression.

Let me have another good guess- It can be also initiated by releasing new movie of “Madhuri dhak-dhak Dixit” exclusively in India. Who is Madhuri Dixit? Taboo-taboo!

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Kudos to you Numerounity.

    Mr. Hussain will paint ONLY Hindu Gods/Goddess like this. He will never dare to go near other religion. Because he knows the consequences. Only Hindus will be pushed around because the "rulers" want a few minority votes to stay in power.

  2. @ SG

    Thanks a ton. Well said :)

  3. Anonymous15 March

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  4. Well said Ekta. Excellent post.Dripping with sarcasm :).As SG said Hussian will only dare to paint Hindu deities in this obscene manner. If he dares t paint the Prophet or Jesus in that manner he will be shot dead the next day. Very well written.

  5. @ Surya Kannan
    Well to each of his own. Some see nudity as beauty, some paint beauty as porn! :)

  6. @ Silent Warrior
    THanks a ton buddy. I agree with ur thoughts. Mr. Hussain is indeed a noteworthy artist. Hence he should be more responsible for social consequences n sentiments too.

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  8. So much has been written about MFH, which I think is waste of time.Problem in India is that it is getting difficult to be called a Hindu--you are communal.Time has come when the political parties must stop or we must stop them from further Hindu bashing just to get minority votes.
    Now MFH is a Qatar citizen.I would like him to please paint the Prophet in the nude as did with the Hindu Goddesses.Then only will he understand the meaning of freedom of expression. Until then,Good Bye-HUSSAIN

  9. Anonymous18 March

    wonderful post Ekta... nicely said with lot of sarcasm which I like...

    I wish him to be in freedom in Qatar and do what they ask...

  10. Honestly Honey, I Do Not Care....

  11. Hi Ekta,
    Though your article is pretty much impressive and penetrating but I believe this is not entirely true.

    nyways it's a goood read.

  12. Anonymous26 November

    you just defined jibberish. i dont give a fuck about any religion, i also think m f hussain as an artist at par was exaggerated. he was just lucky.

  13. Anonymous10 June

    This is a very good writing. But alas! We have the congress at the helm for almost for 60 years who will do anything to keep their 'kursi'. I am glad that this dog is dead, people who call are mourning a 'national loss' are equally culpable of causing deterioration of Hindus in India. Muslims in India are Muslim first and Indian's last.

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