Walk & talk, What an Idea sirji!

March 31, 2010 20 Comments

An idea can really change your life. Snehashish, the young finance manager of our GSM arm was walking while talking on his mobile. Little did he realize that this idea would change his life and how. While chatting he got hit by a glass door and got 24 stitches near his eye- forehead area. This historic event took place at his swash apartment AKA home. Some ideas do travel like an epidemic. Another gentleman was pursuing this noble “walk & talk” health mission near our office building. A vehicle hit him and shown him “tare zameen par”.

Yours truly also became a victim of this idea. I was starting for my office when a friend called. The beginning was safe. I picked my lappie, documents, locked the house, came to street, and the next moment found myself lying on the road with “sare zameen par”. Shaken but not stirred, walked ahead, caught a taxi for office and pull all the pieces together and switched on my phone again. That night yours truly had terrible body ache. The idea really changed my life and since then I strictly avoid talking on cell phone while walking.

By the way, how does “walk and talk” helps in reducing hazards caused due to prolonged hours of talking on cell phone? I mean is radiation indirectly proportionate to motion? That is to say more you walk, the lesser the radiation. Bah! Simply say, reduce the time spent on mobile and talk in peace. Oh, that may not affect our health but definitely impact the health of telecom companies’. Their MOU (minutes of usage) will plummet, resulting in revenue arrest in the hearts of their books of accounts. This sudden flow will circulate more blood to brains and hey presto, you have won the “battle of customer’s mind”. Right Mr. Al Ries & Jack trout? What an idea sir ji!

Unfortunately, this idea suffered the voltage fluctuation and went kaput. Walking is great practice but “walk n talk”, nah! Not in India at least. How? Let us ask “Khanna aunty”. I invited her to “Twestival- Kolkata” last Friday and what followed, is a wonderful tete’ a tete with our beloved Aunty.

Keep hooked up on this space for another interesting rendezvous of “Main aur Mrs. Khanna”.

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  1. lol @ saare zameen par :D

    But seriously Walk n Talk is a concept which isn't practical for Indian raods! As u have yourself experienced you will hit something, fall or falter there is no end to it! In mumbai there have been many instances where ppl have been run down by train while walking down tracks as they were busy on phone & couldn't hear the horn.

    Waiting for Khanna tales :D

  2. agree very well.. like when some vehicle honks from behind the person with the fone does not have time to realise if to jump left or right... ends up jumping right into the vehicle... well i say this bcos i banged a guy :D... anyways howdy? long time no see

  3. It is a serious issue and must be dealt with seriousness. Also, may be we can learn from others' mistakes-or falls?

  4. @ Smita
    Thanks for revisiting buddy. Yeah walk when u talk is as dangerous as drink n drive or talk while driving. Khanna tales will come soon- next week:)

  5. @ Hary
    yeah buddy...long time...Howdy? keep writing in :)

  6. @ BKCji
    THanks for writing in. yes, it is quite a serious issue. heard that TRAI has asked idea to pull off these ads on walk when u talk. not sure but just heard!

  7. absolutely right!
    you got a point there!

  8. @ Sorcerer
    Thanks buddy!

  9. hahahhaha that was a hilariously dealt serious topic! loved it, waiting for more mrs khanna tales

  10. Well thought Ekta! Infact I personally underwent this entire event and never did I realise that I would eventually land up in a mess.So its is not always safe to talk while you walk.

  11. Well thought Ekta! Infact I personally underwent this entire event and never did I realise that I would eventually land up in a mess.So its is not always safe to talk while you walk

  12. Nice one. I did not pay attention to the title of your post. Looking at it, I naturally assumed you wrote "Walk the Talk". I do not know if that phrase is common in India. May be. Here in USA, "walk the talk" means to do as you say you would do, to be consistent with your words and actions.

  13. Anonymous16 April

    nice :)

  14. Very beautifully written Ekta. Humerous post, yet it conveys a serious message. Loved your writing style.

    Hope to see you in my blog too.
    Romeo :)

  15. @ Sujata
    Thanks buddy. Will be back soon:)

  16. @ Snehasish
    YUp buddy. thanks for writing in. Take care.

  17. @ Anonymous

    @ Romeo das
    Thanks for your encouraging words. I have been to your blogs and must say they r lovely.

  18. Funny and nice. I read it second time today


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