Product Review: Olay Total Effects Cream & Serum Duo

June 25, 2013 14 Comments

I dream of a beauty
beauty that heart desire
of lush and serene beauty
beauty that my eyes admire

Beauty that I dunk 
my heart inside
beauty that is not just skin deep
but even beautiful outside

--- NumeroUnity

Beauty is not just skin deep
Women and beauty has always complemented each other. While a lot is being spoken about the inner beauty, the external beauty still remain an undisputed terrain. They say- face is mirror of heart. So how can one afford to lose out on mirror and the reflex. While the effort is always there to keep improving, keep evolving the internal beauty. However, one cannot afford to ignore the external beauty either.

Light travels faster than sound. 
So before you open your mouth, speak, create an impression, you are judged with the way you look. Crude but true. The simple philosophy that followed is- If you cannot manage what is your gift from god, your skin and your appearance. How are you suppose to manage everything else?

The world has been changing. With increased, stress, pollution, the beauty above skin is getting a harsh beating in a day to day busy lives. It is very important to maintain a daily intense skin care routine. But how? The market is filled with XYZ no of products each promising to deliver the moon for the user. Stats says the highest sellers are the fairness cream. But is that enough?

Following are the different beauty challenge that an average women has to face-
1. Dry skin
2. Skin darkening
3. Wrinkles
4. Dull, sagging skin

Why Olay Total effects?

The product- Olay Total Effects cream and serum addresses all the above concerns of any women incl- Ageing! It claims to fight the seven signs of ageing. What are seven signs of ageing? They are-
1. Fine lines and wrinkle
2. Uneven tones, patchy skin
3. Dark spot due to skin ageing
4. Sagging skin
5. Dry skin
6. Dull skin
7. Open pores

So if you are entangled between a choice of "fairer skin or younger looking skin" choose no m ore!
Cause Olay has come up with a breakthrough product that will cater to above two worries. You may concede that market shelves are full of wide range of such products claiming to deliver moon. However, there are only few brands or products that manage to inspire your trust year after year and product afte product. One such brad is- Olay! I am a big fan of their hallmark "Oil of Olay" cream and that faith brought me to try this product.
My verdict- The concept is very appealing. I have been a regular/ early user of Olay and have an established high trust on brand and delivery. I find the cream description useful and once applied the difference is apparent. I took some time to post my review so that I can see the prolonged effect. The product is mildly fragrant and quick to absorb. When applied, the cream creates a base on skin, making look more radiant. 

Pricing: Rs 369 for 20G

My overall rating: 3 star

Pros and cons
Pros- Multiple utility product, brand trust of Olay, easy to use/carry, mild fragrance &quick absorbing
Cons: High price (limiting product penetration) and slight sticky texture, little itchy for sensitive skin like mine

Target groups or women benefiting from this product will be-
1. Age 25 and above
2. Working women
3. Housewives with strict schedules leaving lesser or no time for self care
4. Professionals
5. Women in beauty Industry

Do I recommend this product? The answer is yes. This was my feedback, do share your experience/feedback as well.

For a free skin care consultation with leading experts of Olay, click here-
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  1. nice review , all the best for the contest

  2. I have been using Olay for the past 2 months and I found it effective for the spots. But as you said it has a slight sticky texture that requires a lot of compact powder to avoid making my face look oily. Good review :)

    1. Yeah..if not applied r managed well, the sticky texture looks patchy! Good that u use compact to dab the effect. I used to wipe clean with plain tissue.

      Thanks :)

  3. nice review. good luck

  4. You have assiduously shared all the details in the review. A commendable job indeed.

  5. The seven signs of ageing you have mentioned is a variable when looked at the Olay Total Effects advertisements. Here is my analysis of television advertisements and their impacts on consumers, where I have specifically analyzed Olay Total Effects ad-campaign between 2008-2013:

    The product may be effective, the claims of the company/brand are not entirely true. Just my thought.

    1. Sure. I shall definitely have a look at your post. Thanks for sharing!

      Yes I agree that advertisements cannot be taken 100% on face value.


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